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System Registers

System registers is a feature available to developers to save System / Organization / Profile or User settings. When the user gathers any saved configuration of module layout or other settings, she gets the registry information, which is the closest to her Registry Level.

Registry Level

  • 10 System
  • 20 Organization
  • 30 Profile
  • 40 User

if Application Toolbar (icons at top) are configured per User level, the Organization settings will NOT be applied.

Registry App

Using Registers you should be able to set default dimension for Finder's Folder, store it to Application Preset & match to User's Profile. This way Atollon should automatically assign the Dimension1 to Folder based on user's Profile.

Organization Level Registers

This type of registers can be reached by all users of organization.

Set register syntax;

SessionUserSettings.defaultInstance.organizationSettings.setString(domainName, key, value);
//for example
SessionUserSettings.defaultInstance.organizationSettings.setString("", "invoiceId", "2015469875");

Getting the register;

SessionUserSettings.defaultInstance.organizationSettings.getString(domainName, key);
//for example
SessionUserSettings.defaultInstance.organizationSettings.getString("", "invoiceId");