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Mail Set-Up

Mail Set-Up Options

There are two basic options to set-up mail in Atollon, the differences are described below:

Atollon as Primary Mail Server Atollon as Secondary Mail Server
Atollon may act as your primary mail server (our preferred option). That means that all your e-mail communication will be managed with Atollon use. We will take care about spam filtering, the benefit of using Atollon as primary e-mail system is it's tight connection to other Atollon's components and easier access rights. Disadvantage may be that it is possible to get mail only using integrated Atollon's e-mail client. If you therefore prefer using other e-mail clients, select the second option. You can decide to use Atollon only as archive tool for e-mails or occasional e-mail solution. In this case, server will be set as secondary mail server. This option requires primary e-mail server managed by different mail services provider. In order to get e-mails into Atollon, you may need to set-up mail forwarding of selected (or all) mailboxes to addresses configured when setting-up Atollon mail.

Below mentioned guides will follow you in mail set-up. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask your Atollon Consultant.

Set-Up Mailbox

Set-Up Domain MX Records