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Interactive Workflow Actions

Notice: this function is currently NOT SUPPORTED. Documentation here is used for future reference.

Interactive actions are actions, that need user's interaction or user needs to be informated about something.

Example 1

After creating project in some clients folder, workflow will ask user if the client is paying monthly, or quarterly. Workflow according to his choice will create 12 or 4 tasks for checking payment.

Example 2

After project creation, manager (current user) will need to see the tasks, that were created on project, because he wants to redistribute created tasks or just to check them.

Interaction types

Only some actions can be interactive. It depends on, what they are doing.

To set interaction, there are 4 options:

  • Don't show - this action will be processed on background, user will be not asked for any interaction
  • Normal (in list) - action will be shown in workflow actions list form with blue tooltip icon . User can close this form.
  • High (in list) - the same as Normal (in list). But they are shown as exclamations in orange circle¬† and user can not close this window, until any Hight priority action will be in list.
  • Blocker (blocking window) - dialog or target will be show directly to user.

Workflow action list form: on this picture are also high-priority actions, so window can not be closed.

Note for super-admins on how to delete interactive workflow actions that confuse users
delete from features_workflow_action_queue_attributes where action in (select id from features_workflow_action_queue where isinteractive = 2);
delete from features_workflow_action_queue where isinteractive = 2;