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Multi-organization folder view

By default user can see only folders from organization where he is logged in. In case of viewing folders from organization A within another organization, he must switch back to organization A. To allow user to list folders from another organization without switching back and forth, he must have the Multiorganization View checked in user's setting.
To set this up go to: Settings > Users > select user and click Edit > button Advanced > tab Multiorganization View. There you can see two columns grid, where first column contains checkboxes and the second names of the organizations. If checkbox is checked, it means the folders from the organization will be listed wherever is the user logged in.
This setup doesn't take in consideration wrong consultant's setting. That means, for having this working properly, the organization's settings have to be shared almost entirely. 
   There are 3 organizations: A, B and C. User has only organization B checked in the Multiorganization View and he's currently assigned (logged in) to organization A.
  • If user lists the folder there, he sees folders from organizations A and B.
  • If user switches to organization C, he will get folders from organizations B and C.
  • And if user switches to organization B, he will get folders only from organization B.