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Removing Users Accounts

Temporary block user account

1. Options & Tools -> Users -> double click user -> select "No" from active Radio Buttons

2. Redirect existing mail address

Permanently remove user account

Please note that user accounts are never permanently deleted, there must always track dent of the user existance in the system. We recommend to deactive user's account rather than deleting it. It may be difficult to restore once deleted user account. Also, sometimes you might want to use user for reporting. In case you delete the user completely, it might be difficult to report on user's records (Time Sheet data, Invoices, Folders & Projects, etc.).

   1. Options & Tools -> user accounts -> double click user ->
         a) set Active combo box to No,
         b) change its passwords,
         c). remove user from all groups and roles,
         d) don't delete that user account.
   2. Redirect existing mail address
   3. Remove its mailbox.
   4. Find user in contacts (you might see users contact name in users table under Setting -> Access -> Users -> Contact column)
         a) right click that contact -> Edit -> go to tab Others,
         b) remove relationship to System user by clicking the "C" button.