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Documents Overview

Documents are used to store and share revisions of files in Atollon folders.

Document Listing

It is possible to browse documents using Documents application in tree or list view.

Document Details

Each document may have description, Type, Category or Location.

Document Versions

Once you upload new document with the same name into Atollon's folder, new document revision is automatically created.

Multiple Documents Upload

It is possible to upload several documents at the same time.

Document Content Search

It is possible to search for any document, incl. content of the file, which has been recognized by Atollon. Atollon recognizes all major office documents, such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Open Office document formats, RTF, TXT, HTML or even PDF. Document's contents is indexed in database for faster search.

Sending Document

Document may be sent using right-click (contextual pop-up) on each document. If Finder Folder (or project) is recognized, it is automatically pre-filled. By default, the document is sent internally, but it is possible to easily switch the message type to E-mail and send it outside Atollon.

Document Folders

Documents are stored in Finder Folders as well as special document folders, which may be used only for the purpose of storing documents. Document folders may be created even under any Project.

Document Access Rights

Access rights of particular documents may be customized indivudially. Their default access rights are taken from the folder, in which they are stored. For instance if document is stored under Project, project's access rights are applied, etc.