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Atollon CalDAV Settings

Atollon supports synchronising your calendar with your mobile device or any CalDAV compatible calendar application.

Update your Atollon password

In order to access your calendar using CalDAV, you need to first change your password in "Change password" dialog. CalDAV account is initiated after password change.


Access Credentials

Your Atollon user account is used to access CalDAV calendar server.

You can check your own access to CalDAV using simple tool in Atollon Calendar app directly. Go to your Calendar and click on Options button to see your full username and CalDAV URL.


For "instancename" you should get your organization's instance name, for example

Various CalDAV clients (iPhone, Android, Mac OS X calendar, etc.) will need the information in different formats. Below you can find How to on some of the most frequent solutions.

Atollon Calendar Clients Configuration Examples

Atollon Calendar in iPhone

Atollon Calendar in Mac OS X

Atollon Calendar in Android