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Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 52)

New features

- new tool for creating print templates from Atollon Lagoon data in minutes (ask your Atollon consultant to gain access to $SERVERURL/mooring/tedy/)

- new personal tasks overview dashboard widget

- new significant tasks dashboard widget to notify about problematic tasks

- new timesheet dashboard widget


- Project Management: brand new modules for Capacity Management (work time planning, work consumption booking, human capacity overviews)



- new PDF generator integrated to create beautiful documents in fraction of a second

- indicating progress in most of the modules implemented

- enabled sending e-mails to several recipients on right-click (context menu)

- new project creation wizard now supports fields for mass mail (preferred language, salutation, ..)

- dashboard communication widget can now be used to create new message

- streamlined access to data on Contact Folder in Finder (contact details moved to new tab)

- unconfirmed timesheet records now displayed in italics

- Requests: now display nicely numbered requests (for Atollon Touch premium accounts)

- Requests: now allow full-text search & filtering

- now possible to delete message using Del button

- Finder: new tab Relations showing contacts & their details

- Finder: added indication of Folder Type

- Settings: it's possible to set VAT rates directly in web client


- completed Slovak translations

Bug fixes

- fixed opening messages with long list (thousands) of recipients

- fixed displaying proper colors in calendar based on type of work

- optimized listing Finder folders once there are customized access rights for users

- fixed creating new company contact in new project wizard

- custom form values are refreshed before printing (previously filling-in custom form might lead in empty printout)