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Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 14)

New features

3230 - Criterium "available from" added to applicant search

S426 - Dimensions added to reporting

new - Added polish translation

Bug fixes

3345 - Fixed problem with missing form value ID

3446 - Fixed problem with saving criteria "candidate created" at applicant search

3433 - Fixed problem with saving salary at applicants

3434 - Fixed problem with applicat "color" after create

3418 - Renamed "Name" to "Company name" at contact type Company

3429 - Renamed button "Cancel" to "Back" on new message closing

2902 - Fixed problem with saving of default status when new activity is created

3409 - Fixed problem with mass change of chargeability of timesheets

3384 - Fixed problem with worflow after canceling of email before generating

more - Fixies and optimalizations of "access rights" module