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Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 05)

New features

1912 - Added warning for browser closing and redirecting if user is still logged at Atollon

Bug fixes

3286 - Fixed problem with no disabled fields on task when in state closed

3342 - Fixed problem with applicant search for criterium education

3343 - Fixed problem with creating projects under non-fisherman instances

3326 - Fixed problem with editing invoice after first change

3322 - Fixed creating tasks from workflow with starts +1 day/month/year

3246 - Fixed moving of event by drag and drop

3318 - Fixed confirmation dialog on dismissing all reminder notifications

3317 - Fixed displaying of menu when it does not fit the available stage size

3305 - Fixed problem with complete list of projects

3310 - Fixed problem with evaluation when time sheet currency is different from price list currency

3289 - Changed default settings for task created from task template (start = actual date, end = actual date + 1 day)

3252 - Improved performance of project listing

3293 - Fixed problem with evaluating by work contract

3291 - Fixed problem with approving time sheets

3137 - Fixed problem with grouping and filtering on same criterium at reporting

3278 - Fixed problem cycled export