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Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 40)

New features

- brand new application for B2B request tracking

- Budgeting: new tool for easier creation of project Budget based on Estimate


- Budgeting: possibility to use only part of Estimate


- Estimates: possibility to create & use templates

- Invoices: possibility to create & use templates

- Products: new tool for creating Product price lists

- Products: added option to build "Product Package" - set of related Products to be set in bundles

- Options & Tools > Item Settings: added option to set-up default Estimate item: required in combination with new tools for building project budget from Estimate, used for items that should be converted to budget but were not bound to any Product in Estimate (free-form record was used instead)



- Estimate: adding multiple Products (incl. Product Bundles in tree structure) into the Estimate

- Contacts & Projects: added indication of progress on listing

- Reports: added option to open Activity from report results

- Contacts: possibility to select multiple contacts & send them e-mail on right click

- Recruitment Vacancies: added button to create New Vacancy using project wizard

- Recruitment Vacancies: indication of listing Vacancies

- Advanced Time Sheet: several improvements

- Finance / Invoice: changed default sorting of records so that the newest are on top

- Items: renamed to Products

- Billing: now it's possible to build Billing Details in tree hierarchical structure

- Billing: the billing item now has "Name" attribute, allowing it to keep the record from Estimate

- Invoice/Estimates: added column indicating Job Number (project Ref. ID)

- Project: improved new project wizard, especially when used in connection to request tracking

Bug fixes

- Advanced time sheet - fixed behavior of Cancel button

- Calendar: fixed colors of events (per type of event)

- Messaging: fixed opening e-mails with long list of recipients (thousands of records)

Request tracking changes

- fresh new redesigned version of the whole extranet

- ensured compatibility among browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

- redesigned HTML e-mail template to be compatible with MS Outlook