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Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 25)

New features

more - New application for Request tracking (Beta version)

3463 - Added new workflow action: change of request status

3501 - Added possibility to open task when timesheet from timetracker is created

3461 - Added estimated hours to planned task

Bug fixes

3515 - Fixed problem with deleting of invoice when custom state is used

3361 - Fixed problem with time field on task/event/timesheet (date was changed according to time field)

3500 - Fixed problem with removing RefID from recruitment project

3459 - Extend list of tasks in timetracker which are in queue from 2,5 row to 5, added their name to hint

3370 - Fixed problem in finder when in folder tree was subject under subject

3478 - Fixed problem with editing of invoice in case if some transaction has not defined VAT and with rounding

S448 - Fixed problem with counting hours on project plan

3467 - Fixed problem with missing references from timesheet to planned task and task

S299 - Fixed problem with login after long time