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Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 34)

New features

- it is possible to print Activity form values now

- Now it's possible to print PDF into any folder, when missing (for example Time Sheet print to PDF)

- Company reg. No. is not allowing for spaces now (to avoid adding duplicates with the same Reg. No.)

- it is possible to convert e-mail to new request from messaging

- it is possible to create "Create Folder" workflow action that will help in the process of changing "Prospect" type of contact to "Client"

Bug fixes

3553 - Adjusted access rights check for adding new Billing Item by regular users (now anyone with New rights on project can add Billing Item)

3531 - Fixed missing (>) Arrow icon for attachments download

- hidden: set type of message when updating message template

- sort Job Field by (localized) name

513 - fix for adding new languages

520 - fix for contacts duplicate search using SOAP functions

- now request tracking supports multiple organizations

Request tracking changes

524 - request notification e-mail line-breaks fixed

- it is possible to setup organization providers/admins and dispatchers

- the messaging supports preferred languages

- it's possible to update user's details, incl. picture

- notification e-mails now contain logos