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Atollon 2021 Innovations

Print Templates

Atollon 2022 Innovations

Atollon 2023 Innovations


Atollon Recruitment

Recruitment Process

Atollon Recruitment


Atollon Finance


Atollon Core

User Interface Customization

Atollon API

eShop Example

Atollon API

Web Service Functions

Atollon API

List of Web Services functions examples and their explanation.


Atollon Finance

Print and document templates

System Administration

Chapter describes features helping you generate and distribute documents from Atollon.

Recruitment Functions

Atollon API

Generic Reports

System Administration Reporting

Atollon Generic reports provide users with tool to create view on system data. The benefit of reporting, compared to online views, is that you can include various data fields across the whole system and combine for example: projects with messages clients wi...

Options & Tools Access

System Administration Access Rights

We display settings in Options & Tools menu based on user access rights to particular setting. The following list describes most of the setting options and what rights the user must have to see these settings. This information is necessary for administrato...

Layout Customization

System Administration Context Settings

Tabs on Contact Folder Detail, Project Detail are customized using Activity Panel Settings. Due to high robustness and customization options, there are several steps that need to be done in order to fully customize Project's or Contact Types's Tabs. Set-up Us...

Sending messages

System Administration Workflow

Sending Task Notifications You can select message template and type of message (supported types are notice and message in present). Users from contact is available for email, becauce notice can not be sent to them. In message template you can use specific m...

Interactive Workflow Actions

System Administration Workflow

Notice: this function is currently NOT SUPPORTED. Documentation here is used for future reference. Interactive actions are actions, that need user's interaction or user needs to be informated about something. Example 1 After creating project in some clients...

Starting with Workflow

System Administration Workflow

Workflow is automatization of processes in system. Basic priciple How does it work? Workflow functionality uses server module that is watching change (create,update) on objects. If some change matches with workflow setting, workflow will run it's actions. ...

Workflow Objects Overview

System Administration Workflow

This page contains list of objects, that can be used in workflow as source of actions. Some objects in system are represented by the same object in workflow like Event and Task. First level of list is module, second is object, the third is the definition of ...

Arrange a Meeting and Record Meeting Notes

Atollon Sales & Marketing Typical Sales use Cases

See below guide to arrange a meeting (calendar event, presentation, etc.) and write meeting notes from event. New event 1) Open and navigate to the calendar day on which you want create a new event2) At a time where you want place event click by mous...

Create new Deal and send Estimate

Atollon Sales & Marketing Typical Sales use Cases

This wizard will show you how one of the ways to create and use Deals (or Sales Opportunity) in Atollon. Open Projects & Folders Deals are one of the types of projects that can be created. Move cursor to Atollon icon (top-left) and then click on ...

Billing Requests

Atollon Finance Billing

Main source of data for billing are Billing Items. They represent any service or product to be charged in period of Billing Date to the client. Billing Items are used to charge mainly the following products / services: Any budgeted items (items converted ...

Draft Invoices

Atollon Finance Billing

Draft Invoices Approvals Draft invoices are generated automatically (overnight) to help you get idea about your current invoicing to be sent to your clients. Using quick filter "For Approval" you can display only invoices that need your attention. These in...

Issued Invoices

Atollon Finance Revenues

Create New Invoice Below is the explanation of ad-hoc invoice creation. If you want to explain Time Sheet invoicing, go to Time Sheet help. If you want to explain more complex billing, go to Billing help. There are several steps to be done to create new in...

Time Billing

Atollon Finance Billing

Work Contracts Work contracts are used to set several financial, management accounting & time sheet valuation criteria for user's employment / work relationship with the Organization. Each worker (user) should have VALID work contract in case you want ...

Communication Overview

Atollon Core Communication

Communication Channels Currently supported communication channels in Atollon are: e-mail, sms, phone call, event, task, document & internal notice. These communication channels will be extended in the future releases of Atollon. E-mail E-mail is sent an...

Contacts Overview

Atollon Core Contacts

Contacts Main Window Contacts are split to company and person within Atollon. You can create them separately, but it is possible to link person with company using contact relationships. Contacts database is used to store primary contact information (e-mails,...

Documents Overview

Atollon Core Documents

Documents are used to store and share revisions of files in Atollon folders. Document Listing It is possible to browse documents using Documents application in tree or list view. Document Details Each document may have description, Type, Category or Locati...

Print Templates

Atollon Core Documents

Uploading New Print Templates To open the Manage Print Templates dialog, go to Options & Tools > Manage Print Templates. Using this tool you may upload 2 types of templates: a) XHTML print template These templates are designed for the purpose of p...

Contexts Overview

Atollon Core Contexts

Introduction Atollon Finder is the main content navigator in Atollon. Atollon stores all data in context that is visible through Finder. Finder Video Tutorial Finder Main Window First column in Finder displays filter for Folder Types, which are stored in...

Context Settings Overview

System Administration Context Settings

Introduction See the Finder how-to in order to get more information about Finder structure. Project Setup Video Tutorial General Folder Settings Folders are containers in first level of Finder.To edit Folder Types, go to Options & Tools > Context ...

Activity Type Settings

System Administration Context Settings

New Activity Type This guide will show you how to create Activities. Activity is container used to track Project phases or customer requests, etc. Activity may store communication, tasks, time sheet records, documents and it is possible to assign Custom Form ...