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Arrange a Meeting and Record Meeting Notes

See below guide to arrange a meeting (calendar event, presentation, etc.) and write meeting notes from event.

New event


1) Open and navigate to the calendar day on which you want create a new event
2) At a time where you want place event click by mouse, or just pull the mouse from the beginning to the end of event to set the length of the event

New event on Sales opportunity


1) Set the type of event, it is a meeting (it will be useful in assessing how many meetings you managed)
2) Add the summary and event location
3) Select the context to client's sales opportunity which you should the event refers
4) Add participants or resources
5) Save your event

Enter meeting notes


1) Enter the client name, press Enter
2) Select founded client in Finder
3) Select the appropriate project / sales opportunity
4) Choose the tab Communication
5) Create new message "Meeting Notes"

After opening message, make meeting subject and content, you can also notice your colleagues and save the entry.