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Atollon Innovations 2011 (week 37)

New features

2963 - Dashboard beta added


3028 - New functions for filtering applicants by status and for multiselect delete


2952 - Added possibility to change rights on document or invoice


2948 - New function for tracking changes in the history of invoices and estimates


2949 - New function for appending document to invoice/estimate/budget


Bug fixes

2933 - Changes default settings for opened (by doubleclick) emails to HTML

3024 - Fixed problem with loading contacts for sending mass SMS

3013 - Changed settings for working with dates in the filter of advanced timesheets

3012 - Fixed problem with manual creation of advanced timesheet

2995 - Fixed problem with automatic filling of fields in advanced timesheets in the creation from reports

3011 - Changed settings for adding ">" to email replies

3001 - Fixed problem with names of attachements with special characters

2923 - Visibility of buttons for Export and Print depends on rights to export

2998 - Removed filter "All" from "Projects and Folders"

2970 - Fixed problem with displaying a large number of types projects/subjects in finder

2964 - In the czech translation was renamed "CV poskytnuto klientovi" to "CV poskytnuto"

2925 - System optimalization for working with recieved invoices

2924 - Fixed problem with generating emails in workflow

2921 - Fixed problem with listing documents

2918 - Changed settings for some error and warning dialogs

2923 - Hiding buttons for export and print in dependencies on userĀ“s rights to export

2906 - Fixed problem with the length of sidebar by limiting records

2922 - Removed timesheets button from the received invoices

2919 - Added possibility to hide Corporate messages in the Communication

2930 - Fixed problem with creating new wage report

2830 - Fixed problem with sorting documents by size

2914 - Changed default settings of recurring events, time setting is automatically set by event setting, added summary

2910 - Changed default settings of date auto filling at creating new person contact, date older than today is set as 19**

2902 - Fixed problem with calendar refresh after creating of new event

2895 - Fixed problem with limited list of positions in applicant preview

2900 - Fixed problem with templates listing by organization and rights

2899 - Fixed problem with displaying events at sidebar