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Atollon Innovations 2011 (week 14)

New features

2798 - added new button for work with documents and added upload of new version

2816 - now is possible start search in reporting by doubleclick

2760 – Now it is possible to change your identity in mail (if current user have more than one)

2757 – Now it is possible to confirm mail for sending by using Ctrl+Enter

2746 – Added internal description field to Time Sheet

2716 – Now is possible to edit/move/delete dimensions

2771 – Now you can easily see if you are filtering on Time Sheet or Expense in Time Sheet window

2785 – You can create timesheet/expense quickly from task bar Timesheet icon menu

2725 – Added new way how to open folder/project from reporting result list

2727 – New reporting - lots of changes (way of editing criteria, results view, …)

2758 – Now it is possible to mark as a SPAM more than one mail in one time

2777 – Workflow can now show blocker email window and doesn’t freeze when no recipient in it

2427 – Now user profile (which tabs and modules he sees when logs in the system) can be taken from template

2742 – Users can create Time Sheet without explicit pricelist access rights

2770 – Removed edit-ability from contact preview

2772 – We added Total Time Sheet, Total expenses and Total items to the Time Sheet window footer

2773 – Window for user filtering in timesheet window is smaller to fit on the smaller resolution screens

2786 – Window for filtering in invoice list window is smaller to fit on the smaller resolution screens

2796 – Upload document window is closed directly after correct document upload

2793 - Changed buttons at message move comunication

Bug fixes

2752 – Many changes in Pricing – added ability to clear it, changed save way, and other small fixes.
2723 – Fixed problem with saving invoice after delete transaction.
2759 – Fixed problem with diacritic in HTML mail in Firefox.
2625 – Fixed problem with access error to some events.
2733 – User rights created in WEB client are now inherited from Creator.
2768 – Corrected price refreshing in timesheets.
2769 – Filtering in timesheets is correctly cleared while using subtotal by type of work.
2781 – Fixed problem with evaluation for price list which were renamed.
2791 – Now is better formatted text in document description so it shows more lines by default.
2815 - Fixed problem with saving responsible user at subject.
2817 - Fixed problem with missing tabs.
2795 - Fixed problem with saving external user at project.
2808 - Fixed problem with vacancies list.
2811 - Fixed problem with applicant profile print.
2799 - At print dialog is now set print as a default.
2810 - Fixed problem with list of profiles at User edit.
2797 - Changed default sorting at document revision history.
2812 - Fixed problem with grouping at reporting.
2800 - Fixed problem with Applicant profile print to PDF by mail.
2809 - Fixed problem with loading Finder.
2822 - fixed flash errors at Billing and Budgeting from Estimates
2780 - Fixed problem with rounding time from time tracker.