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Atollon Innovations 2011 (week 48)

New features

3167 - New function for possibility to display and access any path element of context


S488 - New searching criterium "Reference Id" (for folders, projects, activities)

3222 - Now is possible attach form(s) to task

3218 - Now is possible print tasks and their forms

3226 - Task templates is possible to set for type of activity

2724 - New workflow actions - possibility to change folder/project/activity state based on folder/project/activity change

Bug fixes

2642 - Fixed problem with refresh after deleting message in communication

3193 - Fixed problem with editing and adding new items

3183 - Fixed problem with "paging" tasks

3104 - Fixed problem in context settings

3236 - Small changes at Atollon menu a Options and Tolls menu

3235 - Synchronized message icons in dashboard widget with icons in message list

3233 - Fixed problem with long sender name at communication widget

3228 - Fixed problem with info after "bad" login

3244 - Changed format of Task column "Completed" date with time

3161 - Fixed problem with removing solver from task