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Atollon Innovations 2011 (week 50)

New features

3261 - Added total price into time sheets totals

3242 - Added column price (rate) into timesheet list

3260 - Added total wage brutto into advanced time sheet

3263 - Added fixed margin price type into advanced time sheet

3241 - Checkbox is now possible to set as required

3171 - New icon for staffing, work contracts, workers and wages

Bug fixes

3258 - Fixed problem with rights for time sheets

3266 - Fixed problem with ordering time sheets by context

2491 - Fixed problem with resending task

3229 - Fixed problem with subtotals at time sheet

3253 - Fixed displaying of forms for newly created tasks

3239 - Fixed problem with workflow actions under multi organization structure

3238 - Fixed problem with group by type of work + selection grouped item at time sheets

3255 - Fixed problem with new project of vacancy type under new client