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Work Pricing

Work Price List

Work Price List is used to assign price or cost to Time Sheet records that represent work performed by Islander on given project or client.

Work Price List Details

Price List Validity

Each Work Price List may have different prices defined for given time period. You can (for example) create price list for this year and pre-set different prices for the next year. The advantage is that you do not need to change price list applied for all clients.

Work Price List is applied to project only once it's assigned to the project or it's parent folder (client).

Wage / Price

Wage is actual direct cost of work performed by Islander.

Price is agreed rate, in which the work performed by Islander is charged to clients.

Both Wage & Price are evaluated separately (in different circles). That means that if you do not set Wage on project (which is ussual), Trolls look for the Islander's cost at his/her Work Contract).

Wage Units
  • Hourly
  • Shift (fixed rate for one Time Sheet record)
  • Weekly (only once per week)
  • Monthly (only once per month)
  • Yearly (only once per year)
Price Units
  • Hourly
  • Shift (fixed rate for one Time Sheet record)
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Percentage (Percentage * Wage * Cost Coefficient = Unit Price)
  • Fixed margin (= Wage * Cost Coefficient + Fixed margin = Unit Price)

Work / Expense Price List

Price list may be used to enter prices for Time Sheet & Expenses. Each Type of Expense may have it's own unit price (per Unit / per Total / percentage added to cost).

Price List Types

Standard Price List

Standard price list if used as default price for project or client. Any change in Standard Price List affects new evaluation of Time Sheet records of projects based on this price list.

Custom Price List

Custom Price List may be entered individually on any project or client. When creating Custom work prices, you may use Standard Price List as default. For instance after opening tab Pricing on project, you may select Standard Price List and then switch to Custom Prices > this procedure will copy prices from Standard Price List and save them into project custom prices.

Time Sheet Valuation Procedure

Time Sheet record price is automatically filled-in once the Time Sheet is confirmed by the user or once there is Evaluation routine executed.

Valuation Constraints

There is certain procedure, in which Atollon Trolls find out what price should be applied for each individual Time Sheet record. Atollon Trolls are looking for first price that matches the following conditions:

  • Is there valid price list available? (Price list has it's validity - Date From - To)
  • Is the price list assigned to Project or Client? (The Work Price List must be assigned to either the project or client. If there is no price list for Project selected, price list for Client is used instead)
  • Does Islander (who is the Time Sheet record owner) have a valid Work Contract? (User must have a Work Contract)
  • Is there a price for Islander's Work Contract Type entered in the above Price List? (You must enter at least one row in the price list with Work Contract Type as required parameter)
  • Optionally, is there a price for Work Contract Type + Type of Work entered? (If there is no specific price for Type of Work entered, the price for Work Contract Type is used)

If there is no price found, Atollon Trolls look at Islander's Work Contract whether there is chance finding the price / cost there. This is the last chance. If there is no price set-up in Islander's Work Contract, no price is automatically entered into Time Sheet.

Run Time Sheet valuation

Go to Time Sheet > select what records you would like to Evaluate (or Re-Evaluate) > Press the Evaluate or Re-Evaluate buttons below.