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Web Service Exception Listing

name reason code
EX_OK Operation succesfully finished 0
EX_FAIL Operation failed 1
EX_UNKNOWN Unknown exception 2
EX_WARNING Operation finished, but some warnings occured 3
EX_LIST_ITEM_NOT_FOUND Item not found in list 4
EX_ITEM_NOT_FOUND Specified item wasn't found 5
EX_FILE_NOT_FOUND File was not found 6
EX_FILEOPEN_WRITE Unable to open file for writing 7
EX_FILEOPEN_READ Unable to open file for reading 8
EX_NO_MEMORY Not enough memory 9
EX_IO Exception in IO 10
EX_IO_READ Unable to finish IO read 11
EX_IO_WRITE Unable to finish IO write 12
EX_NOT_SUPPORTED Requested operation is not supported 13
EX_INVALID_PARAMETER Given parameter is invalid 14
EX_INVALID_HANDLE Given handle is invalid 15
EX_TOO_MANY_ITEMS There is no space for new item in the list 16
EX_UNLOCK_TO_FOREIGN_LOCK Attempt to unlock item which was not locked by current thread 17
EX_NOT_LOCKED Attempt to unlock item which is not locked 18
EX_NOT_INITIALIZED Attempt to use uninitialized item 19
EX_BAD_TYPE Given paramater has other type then expected 20
EX_BAD_DATA_FORMAT Given data has invalid or bad format 21
EX_TOO_BIG Given parameters are too big 22
EX_INVALID_RESPONSE_FORMAT Retrieved response has invalid format 23
EX_INVALID_XML_FORMAT invalid format of XML data 24
EX_INVALID_REQUEST_FORMAT Retrieved request has invalid format 25
EX_ITEM_STILL_IN_USE Cannot remove item because it is still in use 26
EX_INVALID_LICENCE The licence is invalid, contact your vendor to get new one 27
EX_LICENCE_EXPIRED The licence has expired, contact your vendor to get new one 28
EX_TOO_MANY_USERS The limit of simultaneously connected users (specified in the licence) was reached. 29
EX_SERVER_MODULE_NOT_LOADED Server module not loaded 30
EX_CLIENT_MODULE_NOT_LOADED Client module not loaded 31
EX_ACC_ACCESS_REFUSED Not enough access rights to perform action 65537
EX_ACC_ACL_NOT_FOUND ALC for given handle was not found 65538
EX_ACC_ACCESS_DENIED Bad username and/or password 65539
EX_ACC_SESSION_NOT_FOUND Given session id is invalid 65540
EX_ACC_HANDLE_CYCLIC_DEPENDENCY There is a cyclic dependency between linked handles 65541
EX_MSG_MESSAGES_GROUP_NOT_FOUND Given message group was not found 131073
EX_MSG_ALREADY_APPROVED Given message is already approved 131074
EX_MSG_NO_APPROVAL_PERMISSION Message cannot be approved, you don't have the approve permission 131075
EX_MM_SENT_WITHOUT_STORE Mass mail sent, but not stored 131084
EX_MM_NO_TREENODE No treenode 131085
EX_MM_NO_RECIPIENT No recipient 131086
EX_MM_NO_EMAIL No email 131087
EX_MM_NO_EMAILID No email id 131088
EX_MM_NO_IDENTITY No identity 131089
EX_MM_NO_TEMPLATE No template 131090
EX_MM_NO_DOCTMPFILE No document 131091
EX_MM_EMPTY_DOC Document is empty 131092
EX_MM_FAIL_TRANSFER Transfer failed 131093
EX_MM_FAIL_SOCKET Socket failed 131094
EX_MM_FAIL_POSTQUERY Post query failed 131095
EX_MM_FAIL_GETRESPONSE Get response failed 131096
EX_MM_EXCLUDED Recipient exluded 131097