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Create New Marketing Trigger

Marketing triggers are used to track any activity of the contact / public user, which have some meaning in your company sales or marketing process.

The example below notifies Atollon about new phone number added to contact. Atollon may therefore create call task.

Example Request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:wsdl="">
            <description>Extranet user added new phone number</description>
            <triggerDate>2020-07-31 12:00</triggerDate>

Example Response

<ns0:Envelope xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:ns1="">

Fields Description

Field name Example Description




Text identification of the marketing trigger (what actually happened)
contextId 123456789000 Identification of Folder ID, Project ID or Activity ID in Atollon's context structure. It is necessary to enter context ID in case it should be displayed in context Timeline.
contactId 113456789000 Identification of contact, who caused the trigger
url Page that the contact visited (optional)
trackingCode yourSuperCampaignXYZ Any text string representing one particular campaign / marketing activity / message template
description Contact visited URL Any descriptive text that will be visible to Atollon users in Timeline
triggerDate 2020-08-12 12:00 When the trigger happened?
numberOfVisits 45 In case the target user is super active (or robot), we may want to avoid spamming Atollon with unnecessary records and aggregate page visits