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Server Side Integration

Atollon provides developers with either full access to server functions using Web Services based on SOAP API or simplified access using REST API for typical integration tasks.


Any web service is described using WSDL. Each of the WSDL files is available at Host location, including CSS formatted version for human reading. Simply enter Host URL with the name of the WSDL file into browser and you may get overview about the functions supported.

Atollon provides access to almost all functions supported by the solution using Web Services.


For the most common integration tasks, ATOLLON provides also REST API that makes external developer's life easier by hiding some of the internal complexities of platform (that are still accessible by SOAP API).

Documentation to ATOLLON's REST API functions is available on pages of this wiki dedicated to CRAWLER.

Example Connect

Try to access testing sandbox at our server.

Use QuickLogin function based on definition at

server: ask us
password: hash5
user: ask us
Demo Credentials


md5 hash

You can generate your own password md5 hash using:

echo -n "password" | md5sum

API Use Cases

You are free to develop any business application / client portal on top of Atollon Server Platform. Applications being developed on top of ASP include usually web integrations of any kind (Web Leads forms, Applicant tracking forms, Projects reporting, client portal, sales automation functions, etc.). The same API is used for Atollon's core products.


Atollon Web Leads

Atollon Web Services

Web Services Startup

  • Request should be encapsulated as text/xml (not text/plain)
  • Use SOAP UI for testing request/response - basic usage
  • Use Wireshark to monitor communication client/server