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Atollon Innovations 2021 (week 8)

New features

Call centre app

  • Brand new tool to increase performance of sales or marketing team members
  • Easy address editing
  • Full customization of lead detail to target group
  • Campaign setup automation to quickly create target group of individuals
  • Customizable call flow
  • Automated next step when success is arrange meeting for consultant
  • Automated confirmation of arranged meeting

Mail response tracking

  • Display who is interested in your e-mails. See who is opening your e-mails and clicking on URLs, so you can contact engage with them.


  • In case of further integration on your web site, you are able to track other marketing triggers, such as login to your eShop or extranet, achieving defined goals, etc.

Mass mail on client relations

  • New Key contacts feature was extended with mass mail capabilities

Timer services and workflow plugins

  • New application for running automated repeated tasks


  • User-based configuration of custom plugins




  • Complete overhaul of deal detail - new pricing options and calculations (discounts, margins, etc.) - fully configurable


  • Visibility of currency exchange rate on foreign currency deals



  • Now it is possible to setup required fiels checking on forms.



  • Mac users - support of atollon:// protocol - useful for sending links to Atollon objects within team of Atollon users



  • More reliable integration of document preview (PDFs or images)
  • Improved visibility of approval history
  • Visibility of related invoices - in case you need to pair purchases and sales on one activity



  • New marketing tracking code added to components available on client detail, deal or project, etc. Using this component you can set / see marketing source of the sales / marketing activity for futher measuring the success of your marketing effort.



  • Send again (e-mail) feature added to all views with e-mails



  • New tool for updating product prices using import file (so you can modify prices in Excel and upload them)

Service Activities

  • Make sure users don't switch from Service Activity detail without saving it first


  • Complete redesign of workflow configuration



  • Records are now better readable thanks to added colors.


Bug Fixes

  • General - support for high resolution on Mac displays
  • Messages - enabled sorting message templates
  • Products - fixed export of larger products data
  • Products - fixed formatting of price / number and rounding
  • Recruitment - fixed searching on max salary criteria
  • Recruitment - fixed number formatting in salary field
  • Timeline - fixed displaying MM:HH in Timeline records


New integration with ABRA Flexi

  • Our next integration of accounting system with PUSH capabilities, which makes synchronisation of accounting & atollon platform in real time.

Backend infrastructure major upgrade

  • We finalised almost 2 years intensive project of upgrading our complete backend infrastructure. Now all backend components deployment is fully automated and running on new CentOS distribution. This will speed up delivery of new services and further improve reliability of the whole solution.