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Atollon Innovations 2021 (week 33)

New Features


  • Now Atollon may be white-labeled in Ultimate Edition (top left logo may be replaced for company logo)


  • Brand new tool for exporting spreadsheets to XLSx format, nicely formatted
  • It is possible to send report by e-mail
  • New workflow plugin enabling you to send generic reports or report packs by e-mail, which allows you to automate your inter-company reporting
  • New workflow plugin enabling you to send any printout using e-mail during workflow execution



  • New application installer / upgrader for Mac and Win does not require admin rights


  • It is possible to filter for contact categories


  • It is possible to change Deals view settings (columns, etc.) on Organization / User levels
  • Quick filter for Now + 2m added to view upcoming deals faster
  • Enabled filtering for deal states in multi-select mode
  • Sorting Deals allowed on most columns
  • It is possible to add custom fields into the Deals overview


  • Support for getting context values in Forms scripting added
  • It is possible to set folder (client, supplier, etc.) as required
  • Support for printing custom forms with links to other Atollon objects (folders, users, products, etc.)


  • New Activity reporting fields added
  • Master project type added to reporting
  • More user friendly opening of sub-levels in reporting (both in list and results)
  • More user friendly customisation of reports filter criteria

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed storing and displaying Dashboards on Profile level


  • Upload of contact data from ARES fixed in some cases


  • Sorting by Reference ID (Deal Number) fixed
  • Task status in Deals Overview fixed


  • Dynamic Tracking Category (Dimension) filters fixed
  • VAT identification for the same value VAT fixed


  • Visibility of attachments in Mail preview fixed


  • List of project templates in Toolbar now understands user's rights properly


  • Fixed searching for Applicant's salary range in case local currency is not provided