Atollon Innovations 2021 (week 8)

New features

Call centre app

  • Brand new tool to increase performance of sales or marketing team members
  • Easy address editing
  • Full customization of lead detail to target group
  • Campaign setup automation to quickly create target group of individuals
  • Customizable call flow
  • Automated next step when success is arrange meeting for consultant
  • Automated confirmation of arranged meeting

Mail response tracking

  • Display who is interested in your e-mails. See who is opening your e-mails and clicking on URLs, so you can contact engage with them.


  • In case of further integration on your web site, you are able to track other marketing triggers, such as login to your eShop or extranet, achieving defined goals, etc.

Mass mail on client relations

  • New Key contacts feature was extended with mass mail capabilities

Timer services and workflow plugins

  • New application for running automated repeated tasks