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Atollon Innovations 2021 (week 22)

New Features


  • New application view for tracking sales activity, includes (above other improvements) clear indication about next step or marketing activity in your sales progress



E-mail and print templates

  • It is possible to setup custom print templates or documents to be generated based on context type (client, project, activity) or based on invoice journal (estimate, orders, invoices, etc.)
  • New generic document printouts are localised into several languages - output of estimate, invoice, etc. can be generated in language of the recipient
  • Each document template may have own e-mail template, if needed when sending the document electronically




  • Set first day of the week to Monday (currently it was just Sunday)


  • It is possible to send document by e-mail directly from document library. This applies to both regular documents and images in Gallery


  • It is possible to Drag & Drop document into document library from your desktop
  • It is also possible to move documents by mouse between folders and contexts



  • It is possible to drag & drop attachments to e-mail not just from your desktop, but also from your Atollon document library
  • It is possible to Empty trash by one mouse click only
  • It is possible to delete mailboxes now (previously they could just be disabled)


  • Now it is possible to load data into custom form - ie load address of selected client contact within custom form


  • New application installer - it checks for new versions and upgrades automatically, no need to ask your IT admin any more.
  • Faster application load - we improved speed by about 10 seconds (now login should load within 6 - 8 seconds)



  • Improved layout of billing request detail
  • Product types are now sorted by alphabet


  • When changing project type, it is possible to change or add project number now
  • When listing projects and folders, created and modified date and time are available

Service Activities

  • It is possible now to Save & open the activity at the same time (try also using Shift+Enter on Save button)


  • Added refresh on context-based timeline view
  • Added filtering and displaying marketing triggers


Timer Services

  • Now some services must be configured to run automatically (incl. Billing generation)

Bug Fixes


  • New Group / Role has proper rights setup (no need to configure their rights manually)

Billing, finance

  • Fixed nasty bug when tracking categories (dimensions & user teams) were not loaded properly


  • Fixed week numbers


  • Fixed icons in full-size messages list mode
  • Show message preview both side / bottom fixed
  • Allowed sorting message templates


  • Fixed full-text search results in desktop app
  • Fixed documents indexing for fulltext search (PDF)


  • Create or update Folder now does not add unnecessary NULL into refId or description fields


  • Invoice attachments now inherit rights from invoice itself (not from context, where invoice is placed)
  • Fine-tuning invoice document (PDF) preview

Product Administration

  • Selecting codebooks in product types configuration improved


  • Save contact data before profile updates - may fix issues when relationships to employers may get lost
  • Fixes in Jobfield / Position component on Applicant detail
  • It is possible to save skills required on Vacancy now


  • Fixed mass responsible user changes on projects and folders on top of reports results
  • Fixed XLS export from reports (need to reduce no. of characters to 150)
  • Expanding first item in reports results fixed (when report results were grouped)

Service Activities

  • It is possible to sort service activities collection now