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Atollon Innovations 2017 (week 35)

Notice: After upgrade, you may find out that some Tabs in New Finder are missing. In such case, you may easily add them back and change their sort order usingĀ Context Settings > Layout.

New Features

  • New Finder - best tool to manage & store your company data about clients and projects has been completely rewritten


  • Timeline - new tool that is going to track any change that happens to contexts (clients, projects, etc.), first version track communication, we will also step-by-step add new tools



  • Access - New ACL detail window now improved - path to tree node displayed
  • Communication - New quick notice on context added


  • Communication - Quick delegation of incoming e-mail to colleague


  • Communication - shared mailboxes (eg. now available from User's communication tool



  • Finder - Configuration of tabs now available directly from Context Settings > Layout


  • Finder - Only appropriate tabs now displayed for selected type of folder
  • Finder - New way of setting folder types
  • Finder - Now you can fully customize what tabs are displayed and what tab will be on 1st position
  • General - Organization Settings added
  • General - localization added to Language names
  • Project - New Project Wizard - simplified, Next/Back steps removed
  • Project - New Project Wizard - great improvement of adding / selecting new company, using combination of internal database, external database or manual contact entry


  • Recruitment - applicant import requests (CV Inbox) does not delete temporary files, it rather archives them
  • Recruitment - maximum number of hired people improved on Vacancy requirements detail
  • Report - New fields for master/slave project responsible users added
  • Sidebar - It is possible to set-up that the sidebar remains closed

Bug Fixes

  • Communication - new e-mail notification will not interrupt New message composition
  • Invoice - problem with refresh of Value authorized fixed