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Atollon Innovations 2017 (week 26)

New Features

  • Custom Application: New module allowing us to design and deploy brand new application without coding (consultants or advanced users may set-up own application or database)
  • Finder: New fulltext search through context (folders, projects, activities and their ref. numbers) in main search tool (you can also try Ctrl+F and Cmd+F)


  • Finance: Journal Setting may now inherit Finance Settings, Approval Workflow or Custom Fields settings from other Journal (useful when plenty of similar Journals have to be set-up)


  • Mail: New application to set-up Mailbox settings (add new / edit existing mailbox)
  • Marketing: It is now possible to assign tracking code to your Partners to report and track affiliate programs (in relation to acquiring new clients or projects)
  • Recruitment: It is possible to automatically import responses from
  • Workflow: It is possible to create workflow actions on incoming and outgoing messages (also used for message content filtering, automated e-mail imports, etc.)


  • Access: Easier way of modifying access rights to Time Sheet, Calendar and Tasks in teams of users


  • Access: Easier way to modify and set-up current user's rights (apply User Template to existing Users)


  • Access: Added configuration of access rights in most of the application modules
  • Access: Overall performance of access rights settings improved, now new folder is displayed immediately after it's created
  • Contact: In multi-organization set-up, better emphasized information about intra-company contact relations


  • Contact: Multiple contacts may be deleted in one click
  • Contact: Indication of system user added (now you can easily filter what contacts are also system users)


  • Contact: Improved speed, now Language list gets cached
  • Documents: It is possible to rebuild index of documents content in the whole document library (needed in organizations that require full text document search and newer indexing methods applied, some of them added in 2017-02)
  • Finder: It is now possible to create new User when creating New Finder Folder
  • General: It is no longer necessary to clear browser cache before getting new version of Lagoon
  • General: Localization added to Language names
  • Invoice: New grid/table developed to enable resizing columns with horizontal scroller (good for smaller displays when more fields are required to be shown)


  • Invoice: Multi-approval - it is now possible to approve several invoices at the same time (incl. checking all conditions on invoices with various approval rules, required PIN codes, custom fields, etc.), it is also possible to mass-assign next approver


  • Invoice: Invoice history was streamlined to show just the important updates
  • Mail: It is now possible to select different target mailbox for storing incoming e-mails (ie info, helpdesk e-mails can be stored in shared folder etc.)
  • Recruitment: After importing new CV (from all sources - web, job portals, cv parsing, linked-in, etc.) the import file is archived (not deleted)
  • Recruitment: Language and language level is now exported in Job Advertisement (applicant profile's requirements), if needed
  • Recruitment: Name of the position is now localized
  • Recruitment: ZIP codes added into Job Advertisement
  • Recruitment: Searching applicants now searches by value of the skill grade, or lang level
  • Recruitment: Job Advertisement - now it's possible to copy Advertisement from any other advertisement / Vacancy
  • Reporting: It is possible to report for organization dimensions (Tracking Categories - cost centres, etc.)
  • Reporting: Added missing fields into invoice reporting that relate to approval process
  • Reporting: It is now possible to open Invoice detail from the report results
  • Task: New fixed status added (Will not complete) - it is just another way to look at non-completed tasks that will never be completed
  • Task: It is possible to set-up (per Type of Work) that the attachment is required
  • Time Sheet: New reporting fields Billed total and Billed time added to more accurately measure what time sheet entries have actually entered into the Invoice

Bug Fixes

  • Invoice: Reprogrammed the way invoice transactions and controlling variables are calculated, fixing several smaller cosmetic issues
  • Invoice: OCR - invoice recognition upload extended - now several documents may be uploaded for invoice recognigion and processing at a time
  • General: Font smooting on many components in new Lagoon generation