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Atollon Innovations 2017 (week 15)

Major update

  • New generation client side framework
    • This update contains migration to new development framework that brings more than just better visual expressions, but also possibility to run the application outside browser as a stand-alone application, future versions should also bring support for mobile and tablet devices, such as iPad and Android tablets (Windows 10 tablets are supported already). New stand-alone Atollon Lagoon should also provide several improvements, incl. better HTML support in e-mails, more comfortable file handling, etc.

New Features

  • Access: New access rights inheritance developed for higher flexibility of access rights settings
  • Contacts: Added communication history to contact detail
  • Recruitment: New Job/Vacancy Promotion Tool
  • Recruitment: New XML Feed for Vacancy Promotion
  • Recruitment: New API for Applicant import from online tools
  • Reporting: Added new reports on management finance / transaction controlling
  • Workflow: New server side add-ons with workflow support (enable custom apps on Atollon server)


  • Access: Added configuration of access rights to missing parts of modules
  • Billing: Improved billing view (custom columns, etc.)
  • Contact: Copy contact details to clipboard function added
  • Contact: Contact detail completely reworked and improved
  • Contact: Added full support for domestic + foreign bank account information
  • Forms: Added new components: Document link and User link (add document or user reference to your custom forms, incl. reporting support)
  • Invoice: Changed rounding of Received Invoices to 2-decimals
  • Invoice: Added support for domestic + foreign bank account information
  • Invoice: Approval process with manual selection of any number of approvers
  • Invoice: Invoice filters saved automatically
  • Invoice: Added payment reference field into invoice header
  • Invoice: Filter invoices by approvers
  • Invoice: Show history of changes in invoice header's custom fields
  • Invoice: Show history of attachments changes
  • Invoice: Several improvements in OCR functionality
  • Invoice: When rejecting invoice, comment is required
  • Invoice: Require unique approvers in multi-step invoice approval process
  • Invoice: Approval process now supports restraints (only partial value of invoice can be approved)
  • Invoice: It's possible to change transaction owner now
  • Recruitment: Added submit & open button to streamline user flow
  • Recruitment: Filtering for users responsible for CV import, possibility to change the user(s)
  • Recruitment: Several tweaks of GUI on Applicant profile
  • Recruitment: Drag & drop CVs from e-mail to CV parsing tool
  • Recruitment: CV Inbox now support importing applicant locations
  • Reporting: Added transactions and dimensions into management finance reporting
  • Time Sheet: Save new entry by pressing Ctrl + Enter (or Cmd + Enter on Apple)

Bug Fixes

  • Invoice: Fixed several issues with VAT selection and calculation
  • Invoice: Recalculation of To be paid value on invoice header
  • Invoice: Fixed displaying several attachments
  • Invoice: Changed the way of OCR document confirmation
  • Recruitment: Several fixes for CV Inbox Applicant import tool
  • Time Sheet: Correct type of work selection fixed