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Atollon Innovations 2022 (week 6)

New Features


Release of Atollon for Android beta version to Google Play Store - all functionality available for tablets, work-in-progress on mobile phones

  • All Atollon functions running, step-by-step redesigning app to be responsive
  • Responsive mobile dashboard
  • New action menu (buttons, options)
  • Responsive application launcher
  • Responsive image gallery on project or client detail
  • Application setup and login
  • Finder detail responsive (client detail, project detail, activity detail)
  • In next releases we'll focus on deals and service activities as well as tasks and communication tools

Custom applications

Brand new feature that allows you to create your own unique application for business process management (typically for sales, service or project managment). Add your own icon, describe application, setup layout of project/activity details, add forms, workflows, reports, document templates, ...

  • New Deals (sales projects) view
  • New Service Activities view

New print templates testing and design tool, allowing admins and consultants modify their print documents (contracts, invoices, estimates)




  • Atollon now fully supported on Apple M1 processors, running on latest AIR SDK
  • Enabled resizing of fonts in communication app, which makes ATOLLON more accessible to users with tired sight


  • Now it's possible to set-up roles for user creating new client, deal/project or service activity


  • It is possible to create Sales Order from Deal detail in selected currency (new option to select local or foreign currency)


  • It is possible to setup automatic filing of incoming e-mails based on contex reference ID (client number, deal number, service activity number, etc.) / it has been here before, now you can set it on mailbox level
  • New HTML preview component, supported on all platforms (Win, Mac (both Intel and M1), iOS, Android)


  • Added new fields Contact Category filtering
  • New comment fields added to reporting context (clients, applicants, etc.)

Service Activities

  • Entering time in time sheet entry on service activity is now easier
  • More options to set-up service activity header features
  • First contact date (optionally) editable on activity header
  • New import tool for (service and other) activities, supporting custom form fields

Bug Fixes

  • Mail: Inbox renamed to My Messages for better expression about what it actutally provides
  • Mail: Switch mail back to Un-seen fixed
  • Mail: User's personal message folders properly sorted by alphabet
  • Finder: NULL refid text removed when creating new folder or project