Atollon Innovations 2022 (week 22)

New Features


New plugin: Context Messages

  • It is possible to automate and send any notification in rich text (HTML) format based on changes in context - to both internal users and clients. Ie after client is created / project (deal) updated / activity scheduled or expiring, etc.


New plugin: Context Actions

  • Several new workflow automation tools created to help you streamline your key business processes and quality of sales and support activities. For example, using this plugin you can automate any recurring (service) activity. When one (service) activity ends, it may create (30 days in advance) new activity clone to prepare for another period / activity (and remind your customer at the same time).


Custom Apps

  • It is possible to set-up access rights of users to Custom Apps.


  • New Estimate calc tool for easier setting discounts and price incl. VAT.



  • Forms for New project, New activity now using the same easy-to-use layout.
  • It is possible to create sub-folders in Finder to enable company / sub-company structure. Ie University > Faculty clients now supported.
  • It is possible to import folders, projects and activities with form data. See Options (>) button on any context folder detail (Export/Import).




  • It is possible to change print styles (colors, fonts) to default print templates of invoices (as well as other documents). Without need to making your "custom" print templates.


  • New (optional) component for editing e-mail in HTML (rich text) format. Major enhancement allowing you to rich format e-mail, add tables and images. See My Preferences under your top right name to set preferred e-mail editor.


As a result, if you choose TinyMCE, you can use rich formatting in e-mail:


  • E-mail can be printed. We were trying to save forests and for long time, but our customers pressure was unsustainable.


  • You can Send e-mail as PDF.
  • It is possible to open attachment before the e-mail is sent. You can check your document's properly before sending.


  • New reporting fields added in Deal Value
    • Project values converted to local currency (total revenues or costs)
    • Main Supplier (good for reporting of multi-supplier Deals)
  • Added reporting fields for activities (for reporting on regular yearly/monthly/etc. service activities)
    • Activity start
    • Activity end
  • It is possible to open reports containing form fields in export to Excel format.
  • Custom reports now possible to open in Excel.

Bug Fixes and Backend Improvements

  • General: New server side framework for more robust functionality.
  • Contact: Enhanced function IdentifyContact now supports finding duplicates for both persons and companies.
  • Dashboard: Report results in Reports Dashboard Widget loaded automatically after start.
  • Finder: Function NewActivity now saves start/end date during activity creation.
  • Invoice print: Handle empty delivery address properly.
  • Invoice print: Follow user-defined order of items on invoice.
  • Invoices: Fixed listing invoices in case of sort order by DateCreated.
  • Mail: Opening links (URL) from e-mail body (HTML) fixed
  • Mail: New validation and security of New mail service - sending e-mails more restricted than before. At the same time more robust for integrations.
  • Mail: Fixed auto-mapping received e-mail to contact address (problem with CaSe sensitive e-mail addresses).
  • Mass mail: Sending thousands of e-mails are now more reliable and does not need to be executed more than once. Completely rewritten with newest backend framework.
  • Recruitment: Saving advanced (customer configured) Job Ads fixed. Now even custom configured fields are properly loaded and saved.
  • Recruitment: It should not be possible to search applicants with empty parameters. This caused heavy server load from time to time.
  • Workflow: It is now possible to delete time-based workflow settings.
  • Workflow: Time-based workflow functions now running with selected user's rights, reliably initiating action in time when needed.
  • Tasks: Saving of new Task template is more reliable.