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Atollon Innovations 2022 (week 33)

New Features

Installed Technology

  • It is now possible to track technology installed at client's premises or used in sales process (rented / temporarily provided)


Print MS Word Document to PDF

  • It is possible to send or print MS Word document in PDF format. Useful when sending draft contracts, service protocols  or proposals generated from ATOLLON.


Invoice Approval History Reporting

  • New Business Intelligence cube that allows managers analyse time needed to approve various documents (estimates, orders, invoices) by ATOLLON users.



  • Better way of selecting meeting participants (better identifiable, if similar names occur).


  • Easily create follow-up task from meeting notes.



  • New filter options for related contacts (useful for Recruitment business - ie is the related person our client or applicant?).



  • New visualisation of profit margin in Deal detail. Useful for trading companies that buy & sell goods or services.
  • Quick update of deal margin.


  • Multiple currencies supported in purchasing goods on one deal.
  • Deal value quick update now supporting various currencies used in purchase value of goods.



  • It is possible to directly create Sales Order from Estimate detail (as an faster alternative to order delivery, when compared to previous form of project budget setup based on approved Estimate value).




Mass mail

  • Completely rewritten backend for sending mass e-mail correspondence, now more stable and more descriptive notifications.
  • It is possible to limit sending mass e-mail to individual contacts based on date range (ie start sending from date or stop sending by selected date).


  • Color icon indication of whether or not the massmail is enabled for the recipient (also based on date range limit).


  • Mass mail messages are now visually different (have different ico) from regular e-mails in Communication.


  • Candidate availability date is now more flexible (added "after X days", which automatically delays availability date considering candidate's current job termination notice).


  • BI cube Finance Transactions now extended with MD Sold or MD Purchased reporting measures to calculate margin of contracting business. The calculation of MD rate considers you can send invoices for h / hrs or MD / Days units. Each day has 8 working hours.



  • Now each message type (e-mail, phone call, meeting note, notice, workflow mail, massmail, etc.) is represented as different type of timeline entry. That means you can filter out communication that you don't want to see (ie not show massmail).
  • BI reporting based on timeline data is automatically enhanced to count number of phonecalls / massmail sends / email sends, etc.



  • Repeated (monthly / yearly, etc.) service may now clone existing form data to make service more productive (only changes to service forms may be filled-in).
  • Added new workflow-enabled fields to track and create workflow actions (activity start / end dates, folder/contact last contact date (ie to create task X days after last contact), contact massmail enabled from ... to (ie create task X days after massmail is disabled). 

Bug Fixes and Backend Improvements

  • Creating new Invoice, Estimate or Order is now 4x faster (in average).
  • All tools now have export / import features to migrate ATOLLON data to or from other platforms (or in between ATOLLON instances).
  • Strict split of plaintext and HTML signature added automatically to the end of each e-mail.
  • Fixed saving empty document - caused server module crash & module restart before.