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Atollon Innovations 2016 (week 30)

New Features

  • Invoice: New Communication & Approvals progress overview


  • Invoice: New Invoice Custom Fields configuration added


  • Invoice: Next approver may be selected manually


  • Recruitment: Saving PDF file + images from LinkedIn profile during CV Import
  • Finance: New finance transaction reporting (revenues and costs)



  • Finder Settings: Now it's possible to assign Roles into Folder, Project and Activity Types


  • Finder Settings: Now it's possible to add Folder, Project & Activity Numbering
  • Invoice: Billing Date now applied into automated billing process from Product, Order to Invoice
  • Invoice: Waiting for... displaying current invoice approval in progress
  • Invoice: Now it's possible to select several approvers in the next step


  • Invoice: New "Send Invoice" tool that automatically selects invoice template & recipients


  • Invoice: Now it's possible to set-up invoice authorization by PIN code
  • Invoice: Now it's possible to set-up invoice approval by invoice value
  • Invoice Settings: It's possible to copy Journals
  • Recruitment: New CV profile merge features have self-learning capabilities
  • Recruitment: New CV import tool is much faster now
  • Recruitment: Upload CV (and drag & drop) now works on one click
  • Recruitment: CV Import now preserves the original CV document (stores it in the Applicant Folder)
  • Recruitment: Many User Interface improvements to the new Applicant Search tool 
  • Sales: Estimates & Sales Orders now require selection of project
  • Sales: Sales Orders may now automatically generate Billing Requests (after the Sales Order is approved)

Bug Fixes

  • Access: Now it's required to create new contact when creating new User
  • Forms: Fixed several issues when creating form values with New project wizard
  • Messages: Forward messages does not forget original e-mail address
  • Recruitment: Fixed sorting of Sub-skills in recruitment search tool
  • Recruitment: Fixed various search criteria in Applicant Search
  • Recruitment: Proper language sorting
  • Recruitment: Fixed loading applicant search from Vacancy details 
  • Recruitment: Many fixes and improvements of CV import tool