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Atollon Innovations 2016 (week 15)

New Features

  • Finance: New sales premium calculation set-up
  • Invoices: Support for new received draft invoices (OCR)
  • Printing: Added support for MS Word templates
  • Products: New custom fields support


  • Recruitment: Applicant search completely rewamped (support for multi-select criteria)


  • Recruitment: New centralized CV import tool added with HR-XML support



  • Finder: Folder created by & date/time, modified by & date/time visible


  • Invoices: Improved approving issued draft invoices
  • Maps: Improved searching for locations
  • Products: New products import features (more flexible, incl. custom fields)
  • Products: Filtering by custom fields
  • Products: Filtering by product Ref. No.
  • Products: List existing transactions support (history of the product sales)
  • Recruitment: Improved search in positions list
  • Recruitment: Improved searching for applicants by locations
  • Recruitment: New search criteria: exclude company type (ie exclude our clients's applicants)
  • Recruitment: Adjusted employer criteria search (use only primary employers)
  • Recruitment: New notification about pending applicant profile update (from Talent Source)
  • Recruitment: Now applicant search results may be ordered (by relevance, name or last update date)
  • Recruitment: Applicant source/referral from field now available from main profile view
  • Recruitment: New attachments support for CV import tool
  • Talent Source: Improved notification about Talent Source & Recruitment connection

Bug Fixes

  • Contact: Preview component layout fixed
  • Contact: Improved listing performance when large distribution groups employed
  • Forms: Fixed access rights when creating new form folders & forms
  • Invoice: Fixed listing invoice attachments
  • Recruitment: Fixed saving employment history when several users working on the same profile
  • Recruitment: Duplicate rows removed in applicant search results
  • Sales Opportunity: Probability value saving fixed on field escape