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Atollon Innovations 2016 (week 06)

New Features

  • Talent Source: Added LinkedIn integration support


  • Calendar: Improved layout of the calendar sync accounts
  • Forms: Added support for large forms (over 100 fields, with extensive layout)
  • Forms: Added support to use form data in prints
  • Invoice: Validation for Tax Date (- 15 days) removed for Received Invoices
  • Reporting: Enhanced filtering options - added "Current User" filter to all Users field
  • Recruitment: Added custom translations of any fields, incl. Selection Procedure States
  • Recruitment: New "Quick Add" tool for creating employers (new companies)
  • Recruitment: Added feature to export Skills - Subskills
  • Recruitment: Language Skills improved - removed Verbal/Reading skills if not required
  • Recruitment: Added new tool to mass-update applicant's skills
  • Recruitment: New search criteria: search candidates by consultant (responsible user)
  • Recruitment: Various improvements in applicant profile
  • Recruitment: Now Skills - Subskills - Grades fully editable using web client
  • Sales: Sales opportunity form improved
  • Time Sheet: Layout of the form improved

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar: New synchronization accounts now sync also previous history of events
  • Forms: forms view - several bug fixes
  • Recruitment: Creating Selection Procedure (add Applicant to Vacancy) now sets Initial Project Status properly
  • Recruitment: Adding Skills - Subskills now more reliable on large instances
  • Recruitment: Adding Employers - fixed occasional save failure
  • Recruitment: Search applicants on multiple OR criteria fixed