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Atollon Innovations 2015 (week 47)

New Features

  • Calendar: Server side Google Calendar synchronization


  • Calendar: Server side & MS Exchange synchronization
  • Contact: Checking validation of VAT Number (VEIS)


  • Forms Designer: Brand new custom forms designer


  • Invoice: Customizable multi-level invoice approvals


  • Maps: New options to create custom geographical views on clients or projects and sales


  • Recruitment: Vacancy web promotion - introduced full HTML support (incl. images in ads)


  • Reporting: New reports designer and brand new report types



  • Call centre: New version of integration to IP Telephony from Spinoco
  • Messaging: New/improved HTML preview component
  • Messaging: HTML mails performance optimized
  • Messaging: Drag & drop moving e-mails and messages into context (folders & projects)
  • Forms Designer: New client & server side forms design
  • Forms Designer: Forms scripting / custom programming
  • Forms Designer: Many improvements over existing forms functionality
  • Forms Desginer: Date fields supported in scripting
  • Forms Designer: New drag & drop layouts
  • Forms Designer: New option to link any other form's data
  • Forms Designer: New option to add system data listing (folders)
  • Finder: Added geographical location of Client, Project, Activity
  • Invoice: Filter invoices based on Tracking variables in Controlling
  • Invoice: Each Journal now has custom Invoice Status settings
  • Invoice: Each Journal and Invoice Status may be configured with approvers
  • Invoice: Show transaction description & name in invoice overview (as custom columns)
  • Invoice: Show tracking variables from controlling in invoice preview (as custom columns)
  • Invoice: Easier possibility to (ESC)ape editing records in tree mode
  • Invoice: External number is now required for Received Invoices
  • Products: New import / export functions
  • Products: Possibility to add images / show image gallery of products
  • Projects: Improved performance of projects listing
  • Recruitment: Search for salary incl./excl. filled-in salary (switch)
  • Recruitment: Search for education and language incl./excl. evaluation
  • Recruitment: Applicant profile 2.0 (employments, languages, ...) editing simplified


  • Reporting: Added Activity custom form and RefId into report results
  • Reporting: Optional multi-organization reporting now hard-coded
  • Reporting: Added backward compatibility to report on old-style custom forms
  • Task: Added new option to Call from task for Call centre processes

Bug Fixes

  • Contacts: Bank property adding fixed
  • Documents: Fixed duplicated view of first documents
  • Finder: Fixed editing Activity details, which were sometimes disabled
  • Invoice: Fixed problem with first-time loading VAT list
  • Invoice: Fixed copying invoices with all needed attributes
  • Reporting: Fixed Role selection in reports
  • Reporting: Fixed reporting for states in Master project reporting
  • Reporting: Fixed proper loading of filter criteria
  • Reporting: Fixed adding report results with custom field names into Dashboard
  • Reporting: Fixed realoading (new) reports