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Atollon Innovations 2013 (week 30)

New features

- Dashboard: new Welcome widget enables to create employee intranet
See Create new Welcome widget how to for more info.
- Core: added Application Settings to configure visible applications & toolbar favourite applications
See Application Settings & Toolbar Settings for more info.
- Estimates, Invoices: added option to add product discounts


- Core: added dynamic localization & language switch on login screen
- Settings: system settings that users can not Edit or are for admins are no more displayed
- Finder: added possibility to set-up Activity container tabs
- Finder: added option to copy folders (clients) to another organization (in case client is handed over to different organization)
- Access Rights: added GUI option to remove access inheritance
- Products: it is possible to set product's default controlling variable for financials (dimension in invoicing transaction)
- Projects: by default, all tasks are displayed on project now (changed default filter)
- Project Planning: auto-added user into Notify field, when assigning new Tasks to solvers
- Recruitment: changed sorting position field by Name
- Recruitment: enhanced number of supported print data for Applicant profile (+ responsible user's contact details)
- Recruitment: added option to set-up Position Grades to evaluate Applicant's suitability to selected position
- Request Tracking: improved accepting new requests coming from Atollon Touch
- Request Tracking: option to filter on "who's waiting for" in Lagoon
- Tasks: improved speed of listing
- Messaging: new merge fields supported (indication of recipient & context/project numbers) - possibility to track clicking on e-mail URL
- Communication: with more mailboxes, it's possible to set which is default
- Reporting & Mass Mail: it is possible now to send mass mail to all employees/persons of (selected or all) companies
- Estimates, Invoices: added possibility to set Activity context (for more granular reporting)
- Estimates, Invoices: new print data added (project responsible users)
- Estimates, Invoices: smarter checking of VAT settings on transations
- Estimates, Invoices: added (default) dimensions into transactions for revenue/cost controlling
- Dashboard: clicking on Reporting widget opens the original report
- Calendar, Task: added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter to save the Event / Task
- Documents: changed default sort order

Bug fixes

- SLA: fixed service hours settings
- Time Sheet: fixed listing time sheet records, when no Type of Work was set
- Time Sheet: fixed Type of Work on context behavior (when changing context, Type of Work list changes properly)
- Time Sheet: fixed Type of Work number value in settings (for prioritization of sort order)
- Project Planning: fixed listing assigned Tasks, when no date / time was set
- Project Planning: fixed generating Estimate from Project Plan
- Project Planning: fixed calculation of project buffer consumption
- Capacity Planning: fixed calculation of time allocated by assigned Tasks
- Reporting: fixed filtering on boolean (yes/no) values
- Reporting: fixed user selection dialog
- Reporting: fixed filtering on Custom Form on Activity date fields
- Tasks: added auto-refresh when opening (always the latest values are displayed)
- Communication: fixed new context selection when composing message from the context
- Communication: improved performance on reading long messages
- Communication: fixed switching identities when replying to e-mail (recognize proper user's identity)
- Communication: fixed unwanted message refreshing
- Communication: avoided filter resetting when sending message
- Communication: fixed refresh issues when moving message to Activity context
- Communication: fixed outgoing attachments access rights
- Recruitment: fixed candidate search by Vacancy Name field
- Request Tracking: correct locale is selected when notifying recipient
- Request Tracking: several fixes, tighter integration with Atollon Touch
- Estimates & Invoices: fixed opening invoices with user unspecified
- Contacts: fixed for clearing distribution group selection
- Workflow: fixed workflow queue stucking on some of the actions
- Products Price Lists: fixed several bugs, incl. listing inherited prices
- Calendar: fixed deleting repeated events