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Atollon Innovations 2013 (week 11)

New features

- Core: Favourite contexts & context / project selection component: re-worked the context selection component & the way project is selected on Task, Messaging, Invoices, ...


- Time Sheet: it is possible to define Type of Work for User Profiles & Types of Project/Context


- Requests: possibility to add Personal Identity to handle Atollon Touch requests transparently (by the solver)

- Requests: enabled switching Identity (company / personal) when dealing with request updates


- Time Sheet: allowed filtering for "all records" in sense of time period on context (Client, Project, Activity)
- Time Sheet: allowed fulltext search
- Calendar: tasks are displayed together with events in calendar
- Communication: added progress dialog for multiple messages deleting
- Communication: messaging dashboard widget now displayes Seen / Unseen messages
- Communication: possibility to set message as Unread
- Custom Forms: possibility to remove Date value
- Billing: added possibility to use Template Items for regular / repeated billing
- Billing: it is possible to group billing items into tree-mode
- Billing: simplified Billing Item
- Recruitment: added Applicant name to the window title (more Applicant details may be displayed)
- Context Settings: enabled switching Type of Folder (contact / simple folder)
- SLA: enabled longer response/resolution time to Request than 24 hours
- SLA: now the SLA can be assigned to several (selected) Atollon Touch accounts
- Project Finance Reporting: it's now building finance report views automatically (without need for special maintainance)
- Print Templates: added possibility to download the print template (for further adjustments)
- Product Price Lists: possibility to switch used Price List when adding Products/Items to Estimate / Invoice
- Requests: it is possible to open the Request in separate window now
- Contacts: now it is possible to add Reg. No. & VAT to person contact (needed for self-employed indviduals)
- Invoice: the application now remembers the position, size of windows

Bug fixes

- Communication: when replying to e-mail, proper user's identity is used
- Communication: fixed accidental message refresh (which caused lost of focus)
- Communication: fixed pasting Message Template into the message body
- Communication: fixed saving Draft messages / avoid closing without saving
- Communication: verification of Request access rights now hidden
- Invoice: forbidden creating invoice without any transaction
- Billing: now saving of the item is verified against interrupted network connections
- Billing: fixed copying Billing Items
- Activity Overview: enabled double-click to view Activity detail
- Contacts: fixed errors when opening Distribution Group
- TimeSheet: fixed occassional instability of TimeTracker used in combination with other Task to TimeSheet forms
- Recruitment: Applicants - fixed displaying status colors
- Project Overview: fixed displaying documents
- Tasks: fixed freezing of application, when Task has no valid status
- Work Contracts: fixed printing multiple work contracts (mixing values)
- Documents: fixed refreshing documents (after new document was added)
- Custom Form: added restrictions on Integer / Decimal edit fields
- Report: fixed possibility to open Acitivty from report results