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Atollon Innovations 2020 (week 32)

New Features

Service Activities

  • New application that allows you to track all details about service activities - from customer requests, over management of service activities to (automated) billing.


  • Service activity detail may contain many configurable components, incl. Parts & Material consumption, Time Sheet and Expenses, as well as customer's signature (once the job has been executed on-site).


  • New component that will allow you store your beautiful images on client folder, in project / deal or on service activity to track your serviced technology details.


In order to add gallery to your projects or folders, you need to update your Layout settings.

Major Updates

Call Centre

  • Atollon jsme integrovali na nejnovější API společnosti Spinoco, která poskytuje služby call centra. Atollon tak díky tomu podporuje kompletní automatizaci obchodních aktivit firmy, včetně telefonie.

Print Module

  • We are changing the way documents are printed using Atollon, moving the whole logic from client side to server side. This allows us print reports (ie PDF, XLS, Word) to be fully automated. In upcoming weeks, we'll add new default way of printing. Now we have completed invoice and service activity printouts.


  • Now we're (finally) able to send invoices automatically, without involvement of users. It's just necessary to set-up new "To be sent" status, install new workflow plugin for automated invoice sending and we're done :-).



  • New CalDAV functionality now accessible to all clients, every user may receive CalDAV settings in Calendar and set-up their mobile access. You can also find link to guide on how to setup CalDAV access on your iOS or Android device.



  • Several improvements to contacts import tool - now possible to import persons & companies together and create contact groups automatically (map several columns as contact groups). Better identification of duplicates during contact import (uses new, robust IdentifyContact server function).


  • New method for updating Sales Items, when total deal sales / purchase value changes (it moves the logic from client side to server side to make calculation of deal value more consistent across implementations)
  • It is possible to use form designer to calculate deal values (useful once you have more complex of deal value calculation based on many variables / discounts / commissions, etc.)
  • When creating Purchase Order from Sales Items, Supplier of those items is set automatically based on product's settings.
  • It is possible now to import Sales Items into deal.


  • It is possible to put specific name to folder, project or activity comment


  • Responsible users component layout optimised for space
  • External contacts component layout optimised for space and more comfortable when adding new external contact to project or activity


Form Designer

  • It's now possible to add Tab order to edit components (so forms can be easily edited using keyboard).
  • New component for Forms in Layout designer allows more robust configuration. It is possible to set-up forms based on context type, context template or individually. Allowing unlimited enhancements of the applications designed in Atollon.


  • It is possible now to drag & drop e-mail attachments (finally big productivity boost to mail client :-))


  • It is possible to preview images in e-mails



  • Overall component improvement, allowing to track your projects, deals or activities to (GPS) locations.


Bug Fixes

  • Documents - When modification of document description and other meta-data fails, you are notified now.
  • Documents - It is possible to upload larger than 5 MB documents now without err message.
  • Projects - Project list now counts number of items correctly, so proper number of rows is displayed and no zombie rows visible.
  • Recruitment - Job Advertisement view fixes bugs connected with customisation of advertisement and some connected components.