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Atollon Innovations 2020 (week 12)

New Features


  • CalDAV access now supports read/write mode - you can use your calendar on CalDAV compatible device - that means iPhone, Apple Calendar natively and other calendars using many CalDAV plugins available for Android, MS Outlook, etc.

Atollon Calendar in Apple Mac OS X



Atollon Calendar in iPhone



Major Updates


  • New MTA (Message Transfer Agent) for e-mail delivery is now Exim (rest in peace qmail)



  • Contact relations now work even on large companies - relations settings have been enhanced and separated


  • Many visual performance optimizations
  • New Options & Tools application, now allows quick search in settings (oh, there are so many things that you can customize, we need to be albe to search them ...)


  • Now it is possible to auto-generate forms to be filled-in online (contracts, etc.) even using Desktop app


  • Improved handling of foreign currency deal values - preparation for new deals views (calculation of foreign vs local deal value)
  • It is now possible to create Invoice directly from Sales items

Purchase Order

  • Now default supplier of product is added automatically


  • Export and import tools simplified
  • Product units settings now available in user interface
  • It is now possible to configure default product type and product status
  • New base type of product is Service, with period from .. to definition on invoice


  • Improved sorting invoices by any field in various column order
  • Improved checking available invoice numbers (for clients who manage multiple providers in one Atollon)
  • Improved sending invoice in e-mail - better attachment name, recipients selected automatically
  • It is possible to configure "invoicing e-mail" address in contacts, which is preferred when sending invoices
  • It is possible to configure Invoice required fields (to help unorganized sales people issue properly filled-in invocies)
  • Multiple user interface improvements to make your invoicing work easier
  • It is possible to open context (client, project, activity) from Invoice detail even when it's disabled


  • New option to set min/max salary visibility in Job Advertisement
  • Improved user experience on entering various details on Applicant profile


  • It is possible to open context (client, project, activity) from Task detail even when it's disabled

Bug Fixes

  • Budgeting - fixed displaying "remaining" column indicating how many items remain to be allocated to projects
  • Contacts - major performance improvements in contact detail
  • Desktop - some application icons were not displayed correctly and now they are
  • Documents - upload multiple documents feature and some visual bugs on upload component fixed
  • Mail - delivery of e-mails now fixed even for deleted user's mailboxes
  • Mail - fixed nightly mail cleanup to reduce server workload
  • Mail - auto-response encoding fixed (now diacritics work as they should)
  • Tree - nasty bug causing module instability found & fixed
  • Invoice - printing large documents now available again
  • Invoice - fixed refresh of form data on project when printing invoice / order / estimate
  • Workflow - fixed administration of Workflow Actions
  • Recruitment - fixed saving education and employment relations after major innovations




See what documentation we have to this release:

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