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Atollon Innovations 2019 (week 31)

Major Updates

  • Desktop - complete new window layout for better user experience


  • Server - complete platform upgrade (from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7, from PostgreSQL 8 to 9, from qmail to exim), now supports Linux best practices for software delivery

New Features

  • BI - Finance Revenues Estimate - new reporting on "Active Deal Value" allows measuring your actual sales performance (compare to plan, compare to future revenues)


  • BI - Timeline - new reporting on any activity of any system user
  • BI - Project Finance - new dream report for tracking your project or client profitability
  • Contact - it is possible to add preferred invoice due days
  • Messaging - New mail delivery rules allow you to delete message or move messages to personal folders or contexts


  • Messaging - it is possible to create task from message
  • Recruitment - it is possible to administer Jobfield / position lists
  • Recruitment - new synonyms administration allows you track keywords coming from CVs to system lists


  • General - it is possible to create new organization unit (in case you open your branch abroad)
  • General - it is possible to administer system in Tree view (for advanced Atollon administrators)
  • General - multi-national switch of contact search now supports CZ or SK auto-contact fill
  • General - full multi-organization support, now ListContext uses shared contexts as well
  • BI - Planning - bottom-up planning support added, allows you to build your plan by adding new dimensions into the plan
  • BI - Planning - it is possible to easily copy planned data from one period to the next
  • BI - Planning - added quick sums to get overview about current changes
  • BI - added support for User Team dimension, derived from user's membership in a team (see Work Contract, in case you want to edit the relation)
  • Contracting - business process improved (applicant and vacancy MD rates, new base product type Bodyshopping into invoice, etc.)
  • Desktop - new atollon app landing page with links to web version, webmail, touch and desktop download


  • Desktop - quick switching between open windows of the same character added


  • Custom Forms - folder or project detail containing custom forms is now more reliable - it watches whether changes are (un)saved and warns user before leaving the form, thus loosing any unsaved data
  • Desktop - position of new window improved
  • Finder - added contact and `VAT into contact preview in Finder's header
  • Invoice - form responsiveness
  • Invoice - added support for Period from .. to fields to track information on the duration of provided services
  • Invoice - it is possible to print custom fields now
  • Invoice - now contact's (client's) preferred due date support added back
  • Messaging - it is possible to forward original e-mail (right-click context menu: Forward as attachment)
  • Messaging - it is now possible to copy & paste all elements of e-mail, To/Cc/Notify fields are now indicated in front of the message recipient
  • Messaging - HTML e-mail preview now properly shows embedded images
  • Products - added better rounding to avoid possible bugs in sums
  • Products - listing of products now by default shows only active products (new filter for displaying products added)
  • Recruitment - more reliability of saving possibly unsaved data (warning user before leaving the unsaved form)
  • Recruitment - added support for Keywords used to add structured data from keywords to applicant profile
  • Reporting - new fields for recruitment reporting (primary position, jobfield, invoicing)
  • Reporting - new tool to mass-change access rights added to help you modify access rights of existing folders or projects
  • Reporting - report packs may contain both generic and business intelligence reports in one document
  • Reporting - it is possible to report invoices on dates of provided service (period from ... to)

Bug Fixes

  • General - many bug fixing to make the app super stable
  • General - added online logging of error events and crash monitoring to help us prevent any issues that are not immediately visible
  • General - auto-clean function for unused ACLs now makes the system of access rights faster
  • Messaging - visibility of added attachments improved (3rd attachment out of three added was hidden)
  • Messaging - added online logging of message deliverability, we track now each occurence of any possible failure (up until now only spam e-mails were not delivered correctly sometimes, we care about spam now as well ...)
  • Messaging - new server side component for e-mail imports improves support for various kinds of attachments, their support was extended
  • Recruitment - adding using company quick add component was not reliable after searching the company, which is now fixed
  • Recruitment - adding new ZIP code for advertisement location was causing older data replacement, which was a nasty hidden bug that was fixed
  • Recruitment - skill duplication fixed
  • Recruitment - update selection procedure (dates selection vs phase) in case no date is selected
  • Reporting - various fixes of reports crashing
  • Reporting - fixed cost reporting to be durable against possible contsultant misconfiguration of account types (revenue vs cost reporting)