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Sending applicants to Atollon

The preffered way to send data into system is send them into CV inbox, which is done by the request described below. 

Sending candidate into CV inbox

New candidates (for example reactions from web advertisement) should be sent into atollon by channel for data import, based on object TemporaryImportFile (WS link). This is generic object, which can be used for needs of recruitment in the way, that you put candidate data into HR-XML standard ( schemaexample). The hr-xml allows us to understand candidate data, the other parameters of TemporaryImportFile gives us information about type of content, source (by source type or trackingCode) and so on.

RESTful API for candidate import

This is preffered way how to import candidates into atollon.

Please note that the following fields are entered in query as PARAMS. The "data" field contains JSON file in HR-XML format (as mentioned above). 

Field name Mandatory Meaning
apikey no Authentication token in case it is required
treehandle no Treenode
session no Session id -> else root seesion is used
user no Target user id (User can be usually found from tracking code)
team no Target team id (Team can eb usually found from tracking code in source)
reference no Contact ID, if the import file is referenced to existing contact.
data yes Candidate data in JSON based on HR-XML standard
source yes Text value of source. If not present, then will be replaced by data found based on tracking code. This information is only stored in the temporary import file and does not have any impact on other folders nor project in the system.
server yes Atollon application server
vacancyId no ID of vacancy(project)
vacancyRefId no reference ID of vacancy (If vacancyId not present it will be found from vacancyRefId. If also vacancyRefId is missing then vacancyId will be looked up with tracking code (if there is one))
letter no Text of motivational letter
custom3 no Field for custom client implementation
trackingCode no Tracking code, which represents a link to source medium (for example job advertisement gets its tracking code). When presented, tracking code is to get user and channel of original message action.


no attached CV, profile picture and so on. Instead of name of parametr "FILES" use name of the file, so it is properly treated.


no Attachments in json format {'attachment_id': 'attachment_filename'} - this is in case attachments are already in our filesystem and there is no need to import them again