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Atollon Innovations (week 24)

New Generation Atollon Frontend (Reef)

New generation Atollon frontend app (codename: Reef)  introduced and handed over to first client(s).

Current desktop application frontend app (codename: Lagoon, developed since 2007) stays fully supported, until all features are 100% functional in new generation frontend.

Features into Reef fronted will be introduced step by step during 2024 and beyond.

Core Advantages

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  • Modern Technologies
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Fast and Attractive
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Offline Access


New generation Recruitment Dashboard (Reef)


New Recruitment Dashboard Features

  1. More details about Vacancy (search project) visible immediately, such as No. of applicants, Date position was created or updated, Project value and probability of closing 
  2. New text fields Current status and Next steps that may be entered by users directly from dashboard
  3. Configuration of selection procedures phases is completely dynamic
  4. Quick preview of key contacts / hiring managers at client
  5. Quick statistics of Vacancy, incl. number of applicants per phase or success statistics of job posting on portals

Enhancements (Lagoon)


  • Adjusted compatibility of Atollon desktop app (codename: Lagoon) with new generation web app (codename: Reef).
  • Support of 150% DPI display settings on Windows 10.


  • New modern component for viewing e-mail body implemented.


  • Auto-filling VAT number on new contact removed to force users make the number correct.

Installed Technology

  • Simplify creating new product installed in client prepises - It is possible to setup New project (advanced) form to not require project name and ID. Now it can be gathered from the (installed) product.
  • Installed Technology overview custom app now supports more advanced context setup, incl. Main Client Org > Branches.

Service Activities

  • Enabled filtering by tracking categories (company branches, teams, products, etc.).
  • Change service activity status automatically, after document is signed (fully configurable).
  • It is possible to select Tracking Category (company branch, team, product,...) when creating new service activity (also configurable as mandatory).
  • Allowed filtering service activities based on form fields in date format.

Bug Fixes (Lagoon)

  • Mail: Fixed clipboard functionality in e-mail for Mac OS X Sonoma v. 15.5
  • Mail: Upgrade to newest WebView component version to support HTML and TinyMCE for modern web browser and e-mail rich text editor.
  • Mail: Fixed opening links in e-mail preview.
  • Recurring billing: Fixed selecting product into the billing rule.
  • Service activities: Fixed multiple display of service activities with more responsible users.
  • Service activities: Fixed displaying fields on Android tablets with 150% dpi resolution.
  • Tasks: Optimised size of attachments field, to fit more files into task.