User Interface

Applications and Toolbar Settings

Atollon allows you to set-up what applications users will see in the Application Launcher & what favourite applications would appear in the Toolbar.

See below how to adjust the visibility of apps & set favourite apps.

Run Application Settings


In Options & Tools menu, find Application Settings under General section.

Choose who you are adjusting the settings for


Using bottom combo field "Apply" you may select what users will be affected by Application Settings.

The options are:

  • Only For Me - no other user than me will be affected
  • For Entire Organization - all users from the organization will be affected (only once they don't have either personal or profile-based settings)
  • For Profile (Internal, External, Manager, Consultant, etc.)- users belonging to the selected User Profile will use this setting of Applications visibility & Toolbar icons (only once they don't have their own personal settings)

Select Applications visible in Application Launcher


Simply by Drag & Drop select applications that will become disabled and what applications will stay enabled.

Select favourite Applications to place on Toolbar


Check which applications should be always displayed in application Toolbar ...

Configure Application Forms

Form Settings tool allows you to configure what fields are used (visible) on New contact form(s), both Company & Person or Invoice Issued.

System administrators (users that are "admins") with the appropriate access rights may configure the visibility & obligation of the user(s) to fill-in the form fields. This is especially useful when the default setting do not fit your needs.

You can find Form Settings in Options & Tools or on New contact form.


System Registers

System registers is a feature available to developers to save System / Organization / Profile or User settings. When the user gathers any saved configuration of module layout or other settings, she gets the registry information, which is the closest to her Registry Level.

Registry Level

if Application Toolbar (icons at top) are configured per User level, the Organization settings will NOT be applied.

Registry App

Using Registers you should be able to set default dimension for Finder's Folder, store it to Application Preset & match to User's Profile. This way Atollon should automatically assign the Dimension1 to Folder based on user's Profile.

Organization Level Registers

This type of registers can be reached by all users of organization.

Set register syntax;

SessionUserSettings.defaultInstance.organizationSettings.setString(domainName, key, value);
//for example
SessionUserSettings.defaultInstance.organizationSettings.setString("", "invoiceId", "2015469875");

Getting the register;

SessionUserSettings.defaultInstance.organizationSettings.getString(domainName, key);
//for example
SessionUserSettings.defaultInstance.organizationSettings.getString("", "invoiceId");