Atollon Desktop Client

Manual Uninstall

Atollon desktop - Uninstall Win App

1) Uninstall the application - regular attempt to remove

a) uninstall via WIndows (if msi) (Add or remove programs)


C:\Program Files (x86)\Atollon\Uninstall.exe (if installation via .exe)


delete complete folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Atollon

2) Delete the content that has been downloaded via loader

Open cmd (command line)

cd c:\Users\%{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming
rmdir /s Atollon

Where %{USERNAME} is to be replaced by your user name in Windows. Delete this folder for every local user if your workstation is shared.

3) Remove AtollonSetup.exe from Downloads

Atollon desktop - Uninstall Mac App

As local admin user (in Terminal > sudo su) run the following:


Download script here:


Adobe Air error message - macOSX Catalina

Some of our customers running Atollon using Adobe Air on Mac OS X Catalina have experienced the following issue:

“Adobe AIR.framework” is damaged and can’t be opened.

If you recently upgraded to Mac OS X Catalina, you may have this issue. You can resolve it by opening Terminal application (Open Finder and press Cmd+Shift+U > which opens Applications > Utilities and find Terminal).

Copy & paste the following commands:​​

cd /Library/Frameworks
sudo xattr -r -d ./Adobe\ AIR.framework

You will need to enter your Mac OS administrator password.

Then try to install Adobe Air and Atollon Air client once again.