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Create new Atollon Instance

There are 2 methods of creating Atollon Instance:

  1. Preferred method is to use web portal, where new instance creation is fully automated. (As of 1. 1. 2021 this method no longer works on CentOS 7 hosts, mirage API support is missing).
  2. Alternative method is to use any REST API client to install selected Installation Package(s) using migrator tool on newly created Atollon Server using mirage script. This method is described below.

The process of creating new instance is as follows:

Select host

List of Atollon hosts is administered on page Hosts and instances. For demo purposes, we should select host that is setup for "testing" build target. In this way we may quickly add new features to new clients (when we want them to receive the latest and greatest).

Example:, are hosts that hold fresh new client Atollon servers.

Login to host using your ssh client:


Create new Atollon Server

As a consultant you have limited access to Atollon Host. You can run some of the following commands as root user:

sudo mirage
sudo tail
sudo less


This should allow you to work with key tool - mirage to administer all Atollon servers and services and using tail/less to watch any logs on the system.

To create new Atollon Server, run the following command:

sudo mirage create-instance acme

Note: User lowercase name of the instance please.

During instance creation, you have option to edit asp-server.xml file and add/remove server modules. We usually omit this step and just escape from vim (:q!).

After the acme server is created, you should start it:

sudo mirage start acme

Now you are able to set-up new organization and install selected package(s).

New Organization

Open your preferred REST API client and login to host's migrator service.

One of the recommended REST API tools is Soap UI or Boomerang (Google plugin). Boomerang URL is here:

Some of the supported REST API commands:

List Atollon Servers


List Atollon Organizations


(where acme is your new Atollon server)

Create new Atollon Organization


JSON request:

{"name":"ACME Limited","ident":"acme","hostname":"","postfix": 101}

The ident must be identical with what you would register to Atollon's DNS records:

Install selected package(s)


List available packages


The ID is identified of created Organization (you copy ID of Organization based on GET response).


Install selected package

To install any Installation Package to selected Organization, you should run:


{"name":"app.sales", "version":1, "locale":"cs"}

This will install Sales Application package in Czech language.


Configure * DNS

This task is currently exclusive to Jan Safka. Atollon's DNS records are administered using R53's Amazon service running on:

Restart instance

Currently it is necessary to restart Atollon Server once to initialize document library. On host, run:

sudo mirage restart acme

Login to instance

You can now go to and check that you can download Atollon desktop App or using your (already installed) desktop app login to the newly created instance.

Default username / password: admin / admin


Mirage API Python-based tool residing on any Atollon's application servers host. Mirage API provides REST API services to remotely manage mirage set of tools.
mirage Mirage is set of shell scripts that help Atollon consultant administer any linux host.
Atollon Instance

Main Atollon's application service running in cloud environment on URL.

Atollon instance may also be created in on-site environment. It is out of the scope of this how-to.


Application server written in Python that takes care about installing Installation Packages to Atollon Server.

Atollon Server

Application server written in C++ providing key services to other (client-side) tools - power user's front-end in Air or Python scripts using SOAP API...


Linux virtual machine that can hold up to 40 Atollon Servers