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Atollon Customer Success

Acquisition | Implementation | User Onboarding & Support | Growth

The Growth

Visualized approach to growing successful Atollon customer base.

Atollon Customer Success Path.png

Growth Milestones

Process step / Role


Sales development representative

Junior PM / Consultant

Senior Consultant

Lead Management

E-mail campaigns
Contacts research and DB admin


Contacts updating

Goal: Opportunity for sales pitch



Sales pitch

Sales pitch execution

Goal: Discovery call

Discovery call

Plan discovery for senior consultant


Discovery call
+ Send report to client

Identify opportunity

Demo production (next day)

Check demo is created and delivered on time

Prepare & send demo

Advisory & tutoring
Setting-up user goals
- Activities per role
- Reports per role

Demo onboarding

Check engagement of demo users
Arrange demo workshop

Help users reach customer goals
Measure success


Demo workshop

Execute demo workshop
Goal: Proposal and project schedule

Support for demo workshop

Proposal and project schedule

Prepare proposal and project schedule

Revise project schedule

Set MDs for iterations

Contract + 1st invoice

Send draft SaaS contract + attachments + invoice for 1st iteration




Set deadlines expectations
Check implementation progress

Send questionaires

Consult questionaires (meeting)

Setup system

Integrate ERP

Request client for feedback

Pilot project


User onboarding

Customer goals reached

Initial training w. client

Project evaluation

Check customer satisfaction
Ask for referral or success story

Success story

Send success story questionnaire
Revise success story with client


Consult success story

  Consult success story

Customer success and business growth

Inspire new users

Engage users utilising system properly

Regular: Discuss further growth plans
Ask for recommendations

Prepare user engagement content


# signals / week

# discovery calls / week

# customer goals reached in pre-sales and after-sales

# of deals closed

Company wide target #1

MRR Growth

Company wide target #2

Success story crafted

Core skills






Visionary, trustful, friendly

Technically advanced

Analytical skills



Business wise / strong industry knowledge








$ saas fees bonus

# of discovery calls

$ deal closed

$ saas fees bonus

$ saas fees bonus

$ deal closed

Sales Pitch

    See the iA Presenter file.

    Discovery call

    You are trying to properly understand challenges and current situation of the customer. In this phase you are building trust with your client. You ask good questions are show your expertise in the CRM/PM/Groupware/ERP/etc. fields.

    Do not show / present any solution until proper analysis is completed. Be patient and don't mention the solution yet. The more you show during discovery call, the lower the chance you get the business.

    The goal of the discovery call is to build trust and get more information about client's situation. We do not presume whether our solution will / will not be a good fit. Only after the initial analysis is completed, we may decide whether there is / or is not a deal / opportunity.

    “You have 15 - 30 minutes. I don’t have any assuptions on whether our solution is good fit for you. Let’s find out what is your situation and your needs”

    The goal of initial needs analysis is to decide whether it's worth investing 2 (or more) hours into custom demo configuration.

    Discovery call to dos
    - Before Discovery call (initial analysis), send agenda (points to be discussed)
    - During Discovery call, arrange date/time of demo presentation
    - After Discovery call, send completed Initial consulting report, with the request to verify
    - Second day after Discovery call, send access to demo


    Visual representation of the solution is critically important. Link the solution to client's emotions. Show the how their life will improve with the solution.

    Nobody care about what the product does - they only care about what problems you can solve for them.

    Validate during the demo: Here’s my understanding of your business. Am I right or am I missing something?

    Objections: Any uncomfortable question? Tell me why it's important to you?

    During presentation of custom-built demo try to focus only on solving problem that we discovered as the most urgent in initial needs analysis. The more problems you open during the presentation, the higher the chance no decision will be made by client. Client may understand they need the solution, but the more problems we open the harder for client it will be to imagine that the change is doable. Do not increase the perceived risk of change.

    The goal of the demo is to sell the first iteration of consulting time.

    Demo to dos
    - After demo, start onboarding process with individual users (automated or manual)

    Sell the first iteration

    Ask for sales
    “We’ve shown you how we can solve your problems XYZ. Is there any reason why we can’t start now?”
    You have to become their advisor from the beginning, they rather would not look at competitors.
    Never talk bad about competitors.

    Your champion (key buying person) has to be armed with enough information about positioning against competitors. You are your champion's advisor in this decision-making process.
    Sell outcomes.
    Crystal clear about value.

    Be expert & trusted advisor.
    Know your field 100% to support your client’s trust in you.


    Implementation (agile)

    Custom system implementation in agile-way. Each project iteration's goal is set-up one (or more) particular business processes:

    • Core setup
    • Lead management
    • Sales / deals
    • Project management & delivery
    • Service & support
    • Billing

    The goal of each iteration is to sell another iteration.

    User Onboarding & Support

    Customer Growth