Atollon Recruitment



Applicants Database

Is store all contact information about applicant, incl. his/her profile and evaluation, storage of document in the form of a CV or connected files.

Atollon recognizes document content to enable full-text CV search.

All data about applicants are accessible from one location, without the need to search in several spreadsheets, databases, file system.etc.

On left side you get overview about:

On right side you get access to all applicant data:


Deleting Applicant

There are certain conditions, under which applicant can't be deleted. These are at least:

Other relations may be indicated by error message that the system tells you in the attempt to delete the Applicant folder.

Please note that you have to delete Applicant first from Applicants database (the same as the screenshot above) and after that you may also need to delete Applicant's contact from Contact DB.


Applicants Search

Atollon Recruitment offers various ways how to search the most appropriate applicants for vacancy.

It is possible to search applicants using AND/OR criteria, comprising complete applicant profile (incl. content of attached documents).

Smart search engine recognizes many types of skills and experience. Putting history of your interactions in selection procedure into the applicant search, you can fully utilize your effort put into finding the best talent in previous projects.

Picture shows selected criteria for search with results on top.


Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Selection Procedures

Special project which system creates automatically when you consider applicant for open vacancy.

The functionality enables to track status of individual applicants for particular vacancies. You can check where candidate was presented and what was the result of his/her application. You can also add comments why he/she was rejected.

You can use this as well as search criterion.


Recruitment Process


Manage your recruitment process

  1. Create new Position / Vacancy, specify requirements
  2. Search for suitable applicants or publish position on website
  3. Watch applicants going through selection procedure
  4. Place best talent
  5. Invoice for placement
    Communicate with applicants, HR manager from vacancy and store your data in clear structure

About Vacancies

Vacancies are special projects that are used to track client's requirements for open position to be filled by appropriate applicant. Vacancies usually hold information about Applicant requirements. Once Applicants are considered for the Vacancy, they are visible in the list of considered Applicants incl. their detailed status.

When new Vacancy is created, new project in Finder for Client is established.

Vacancies Overview

Open Vacancies Application


Vacancies Application


  1. New Vacancy wizard to create the project
  2. Search Vacancy by it's Name
  3. Quick views on Vacancy projects
  4. Filter for Vacancy status (the list is customizable in Context Settings > Projects > Vacancy > States - companies are used to add new states based on Vacancy priority - Hot, High Priority, Low Priority, etc.)
  5. Users filter for responsible consultant's projects
  6. Clicking on Created field table header you can sort Vacancies by newest to latest
  7. Filter / export options (if the Export button is not visible it means it has been disabled for the user)

New Vacancy

Atollon provides you with simple wizard on creating Vacancy project. Click the New Vacancy button in Vacancies Application to create new Vacancy. After you create the Vacancy project, you may specify Applicant requirements, adjust Web promotion of the Vacancy & start searching Applicants from the database. You may add Applicants to Vacancy. In such case, new project Selection Procedure is created that (in detail) describes status of Applicant and the Vacancy.

Select client & client's responsible person


Instead of creating new contact & company, you may select existing contact & existing company (client).

New client: adjust client details


This screen is displayed just once new client is created.

New project: adjust project details


After you press Create button, the new project is created.

Next steps

  1. Adjust project details on 2nd tab: Vacancy details (expectations about the Applicant)
  2. Search for applicants & add applicants to Vacancy
  3. Track status of applicants & place the Applicant
  4. Create & send invoice to Client

Vacancy Requirements

After you open Vacancy project, on Vacancy Requirements tab (usually 2nd) you may adjust information about the Vacancy & it's expectations. Based on this information you may start searching for the best applicants.