Atollon 2012 Innovations

Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 52)

New features

- new tool for creating print templates from Atollon Lagoon data in minutes (ask your Atollon consultant to gain access to $SERVERURL/mooring/tedy/)

- new personal tasks overview dashboard widget

- new significant tasks dashboard widget to notify about problematic tasks

- new timesheet dashboard widget


- Project Management: brand new modules for Capacity Management (work time planning, work consumption booking, human capacity overviews)



- new PDF generator integrated to create beautiful documents in fraction of a second

- indicating progress in most of the modules implemented

- enabled sending e-mails to several recipients on right-click (context menu)

- new project creation wizard now supports fields for mass mail (preferred language, salutation, ..)

- dashboard communication widget can now be used to create new message

- streamlined access to data on Contact Folder in Finder (contact details moved to new tab)

- unconfirmed timesheet records now displayed in italics

- Requests: now display nicely numbered requests (for Atollon Touch premium accounts)

- Requests: now allow full-text search & filtering

- now possible to delete message using Del button

- Finder: new tab Relations showing contacts & their details

- Finder: added indication of Folder Type

- Settings: it's possible to set VAT rates directly in web client


- completed Slovak translations

Bug fixes

- fixed opening messages with long list (thousands) of recipients

- fixed displaying proper colors in calendar based on type of work

- optimized listing Finder folders once there are customized access rights for users

- fixed creating new company contact in new project wizard

- custom form values are refreshed before printing (previously filling-in custom form might lead in empty printout)

Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 40)

New features

- brand new application for B2B request tracking

- Budgeting: new tool for easier creation of project Budget based on Estimate


- Budgeting: possibility to use only part of Estimate


- Estimates: possibility to create & use templates

- Invoices: possibility to create & use templates

- Products: new tool for creating Product price lists

- Products: added option to build "Product Package" - set of related Products to be set in bundles

- Options & Tools > Item Settings: added option to set-up default Estimate item: required in combination with new tools for building project budget from Estimate, used for items that should be converted to budget but were not bound to any Product in Estimate (free-form record was used instead)



- Estimate: adding multiple Products (incl. Product Bundles in tree structure) into the Estimate

- Contacts & Projects: added indication of progress on listing

- Reports: added option to open Activity from report results

- Contacts: possibility to select multiple contacts & send them e-mail on right click

- Recruitment Vacancies: added button to create New Vacancy using project wizard

- Recruitment Vacancies: indication of listing Vacancies

- Advanced Time Sheet: several improvements

- Finance / Invoice: changed default sorting of records so that the newest are on top

- Items: renamed to Products

- Billing: now it's possible to build Billing Details in tree hierarchical structure

- Billing: the billing item now has "Name" attribute, allowing it to keep the record from Estimate

- Invoice/Estimates: added column indicating Job Number (project Ref. ID)

- Project: improved new project wizard, especially when used in connection to request tracking

Bug fixes

- Advanced time sheet - fixed behavior of Cancel button

- Calendar: fixed colors of events (per type of event)

- Messaging: fixed opening e-mails with long list of recipients (thousands of records)

Request tracking changes

- fresh new redesigned version of the whole extranet

- ensured compatibility among browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

- redesigned HTML e-mail template to be compatible with MS Outlook

Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 34)

New features

- it is possible to print Activity form values now

- Now it's possible to print PDF into any folder, when missing (for example Time Sheet print to PDF)

- Company reg. No. is not allowing for spaces now (to avoid adding duplicates with the same Reg. No.)

- it is possible to convert e-mail to new request from messaging

- it is possible to create "Create Folder" workflow action that will help in the process of changing "Prospect" type of contact to "Client"

Bug fixes

3553 - Adjusted access rights check for adding new Billing Item by regular users (now anyone with New rights on project can add Billing Item)

3531 - Fixed missing (>) Arrow icon for attachments download

- hidden: set type of message when updating message template

- sort Job Field by (localized) name

513 - fix for adding new languages

520 - fix for contacts duplicate search using SOAP functions

- now request tracking supports multiple organizations

Request tracking changes

524 - request notification e-mail line-breaks fixed

- it is possible to setup organization providers/admins and dispatchers

- the messaging supports preferred languages

- it's possible to update user's details, incl. picture

- notification e-mails now contain logos

Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 25)

New features

more - New application for Request tracking (Beta version)

3463 - Added new workflow action: change of request status

3501 - Added possibility to open task when timesheet from timetracker is created

3461 - Added estimated hours to planned task

Bug fixes

3515 - Fixed problem with deleting of invoice when custom state is used

3361 - Fixed problem with time field on task/event/timesheet (date was changed according to time field)

3500 - Fixed problem with removing RefID from recruitment project

3459 - Extend list of tasks in timetracker which are in queue from 2,5 row to 5, added their name to hint

3370 - Fixed problem in finder when in folder tree was subject under subject

3478 - Fixed problem with editing of invoice in case if some transaction has not defined VAT and with rounding

S448 - Fixed problem with counting hours on project plan

3467 - Fixed problem with missing references from timesheet to planned task and task

S299 - Fixed problem with login after long time

Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 14)

New features

3230 - Criterium "available from" added to applicant search

S426 - Dimensions added to reporting

new - Added polish translation

Bug fixes

3345 - Fixed problem with missing form value ID

3446 - Fixed problem with saving criteria "candidate created" at applicant search

3433 - Fixed problem with saving salary at applicants

3434 - Fixed problem with applicat "color" after create

3418 - Renamed "Name" to "Company name" at contact type Company

3429 - Renamed button "Cancel" to "Back" on new message closing

2902 - Fixed problem with saving of default status when new activity is created

3409 - Fixed problem with mass change of chargeability of timesheets

3384 - Fixed problem with worflow after canceling of email before generating

more - Fixies and optimalizations of "access rights" module

Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 10)

New features

3277 - New Project Form wizard at "Projects and Folders" (for creating contacts, projects and folders and their relations)

S337 - Added support for ${SALUTATION} and ${SIGNATURE} to mass mail, only these tags are now supported

Bug fixes

3319 - Fixed displaying margin at price lists

2980 - Fixed opening web link from emails

3359 - Renaming milestone to phase at project management

3376 - Renaming "Start" to "Expected closure" in project tab sales oportunity

3362 - When user has not rights "rights" for project or folder, editation of responsible person is not visible for him

3364 - When user has not edit rights for project, folder or activity, status combobox is disabled

3344 - Fixed problem with displaying events in calendar, when some value is missing

3350 - Fixed problem with displaying multi-user events in calendar

3333 - Fixed problem with displaying subject older tasks when some kontext (project) was deleted

S322 - Fixed problem with default folder for mass mail

Atollon Innovations 2012 (week 05)

New features

1912 - Added warning for browser closing and redirecting if user is still logged at Atollon

Bug fixes

3286 - Fixed problem with no disabled fields on task when in state closed

3342 - Fixed problem with applicant search for criterium education

3343 - Fixed problem with creating projects under non-fisherman instances

3326 - Fixed problem with editing invoice after first change

3322 - Fixed creating tasks from workflow with starts +1 day/month/year

3246 - Fixed moving of event by drag and drop

3318 - Fixed confirmation dialog on dismissing all reminder notifications

3317 - Fixed displaying of menu when it does not fit the available stage size

3305 - Fixed problem with complete list of projects

3310 - Fixed problem with evaluation when time sheet currency is different from price list currency

3289 - Changed default settings for task created from task template (start = actual date, end = actual date + 1 day)

3252 - Improved performance of project listing

3293 - Fixed problem with evaluating by work contract

3291 - Fixed problem with approving time sheets

3137 - Fixed problem with grouping and filtering on same criterium at reporting

3278 - Fixed problem cycled export